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A Message from SSKB Director, Tim Sheehan:

One to Rule Them All

I am a strong believer in the general applicability of the 80-20 rule.

The essence of the rule is a small number of factors generally have a disproportionate impact in our lives.

The rule is embodied in many ways:

  • 20% of your clothes you wear 80% of the time.
  • 20% of your emails use 80% of your day.
  • 20% of the exercises you do at the gym give you 80% of your fitness.
  • 20% of the ingredients in your meal give you 80% of the flavor.
  • 20% of your clients produce 80% of the revenue.
  • 20% of the books you have read have given you 80% of your ideas.

There are plenty of other examples.

The rule may seem trivial, but the flow on effects can be significant.  Imagine the impact of realizing that you wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time.  You could give Vinnies all the clothes you rarely wear, making a positive difference for families in need.  You would have much more space in your wardrobe, making way to store other household items which makes you home tidier, giving you a warm inner glow.  You could save significantly on what you will spend next year on your appareled because you realise you probably won’t wear it anyway.  You could use the money to buy more of the clothes you actually wear, giving you more options.  Or you could put the money toward a holiday.  You could save the time you might have otherwise spent in shops looking at clothes, giving you more leisure time with your family.  The positive impacts flow on and on.

The exact proportion isn’t always 80-20.  It could be much more skewed:  90-10 or even 98-2.  Sometimes it may be 60-40, but even then it is still a useful rule.

However you look at it, and whatever the percentage actually turns out to be, the rule provides us with the most effective time management principle that exists.  I use this principal before I commence any project.

I ask myself, in the endeavor I am about to undertake, what are the 20% of the actions which will give me 80% of the results.  Even when selecting goals, I always ask “what are the 20% of my targets which will give me 80% of my enjoyment”.

Once you run your project through this filter you often that much of the remaining 80% doesn’t matter, and doesn’t need to be undertaken.  This frees up more of your energy to work on the 20% of things that matter.

Give the rule some thought, and try to apply it during your day.


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  • A Message from Tim Sheehan
  • Celebrating June Birthdays
  • SSKB Diary Dates
  • Grammar’s Corner

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Celebrating SSKB Wins

Congratulations Sunshine Coast!

The Sunshine Coast has had a bumper few months with new business, resigned agreements and praise for the team.

Business is bright on the Sunshine Coast

New Business

  • New Building in Hervey Bay – Sunseabay 13 Lots (referred from current committee member in another of our BCs) Managed by Brendan and Rachael.

Re-signed Business

  • Osprey Mooloolaba 60 lots – secured our second three year agreement after coming from Archers. Managed by Brendan and Rachael.
  • The Ridge 132 lots – secured another three year agreement, we have had this scheme since it registered in 2009. Managed by Brendan and Rachael.
  • The Ridges South 120 lots- Secured another three year agreement, we have had this scheme since it registered in 2015. Managed by Brendan and Rachael.
  • Element on Coolum  50 lots have secured another three year agreement. We have had this scheme since it registered in 2006. Managed by John and Julia.
  • Fairway Villas 30 lots have secured another three year agreement. We have had this scheme since 2009. Managed by John and Julia.
  • Kalua  31 Lots have secured another three year agreement. We have had this building since 2000. Managed by Siobhan and Amanda.
  • Viridian Noosa Homes 6 lots, have secured another three year agreement. We have had this building since registration in 2005. Managed by Siobhan and Amanda.
  • 37 Dalton Drive 3 lots   (Commercial ) have secured another three year agreement. We have had this building since 2014 where they came over from Archers ( referred from Current committee member in another of our BCs). Managed by Siobhan and Amanda.

Our retention rate of the Sunshine Coast is very good as you can see by the above re- signing!

Also, praise for Siobhan

From Brad Jones:
Just wanted to share some feedback from one of DCT’s clients regarding the good work being done on the Sunny Coast…

I just wanted to take a moment to give you some feedback on Siobhan Beagley who as you know has been the Community Manager for Creekwood Avenue CTS.  At the AGM last week I did not nominate to stay on the committee, and as there were not enough nominations from residents, it looks like SSKB have been voted in to act as the committee under a Part 5 so I thought it was an opportune time as I finish on the committee to let you know how fabulous Siobhan has been.

It hasn’t been the easiest of projects and we have had some difficult issues and residents and without Siobhan’s dedication, support and professionalism I don’t believe we would have had such positive outcomes.  She has been a terrific support for me when I have been overloaded with work and she has taken on the lion’s share of Creekwood.  I’m pleased to think that things will be a little easier for her now as she is acting as the committee and will be able to make decisions and action items in a much more time efficient manner.

Between Siobhan and the new caretaker (Sylvia) the project and residents are in very good hands.

Joanna Wolff
Projects Administrator
AV Jennings







Welcome to new SSKB staff

  • Tania Stewart – CM Brisbane
  • Sean O’Connor – CM Brisbane
  • Victoria Bromhead – CM Gold Coast

Recent communities to join SSKB

  • Newstead Series
  • Boardwalk Burleigh Beach
  • The Pines Cornerstone
  • North
  • Sea Main Beach
  • Hillwood Apartments
  • Huntington Residences
  • Capri and Como
  • Gumtree Parks

What’s happening in your office? Share your wins with the entire SSKB team!Tell your GM to let us know on Basecamp,

or email Jacqui directly –

Celebrating June Birthdays
We’d like to wish many happy returns to everyone having a birthday this month (including these celebrities!):
1st – David Bourke
5th – Mark Wahlberg (actor/singer)
6th – Elisabeth Ellis
10th – Amanda Everding
11th – Jamie Tim
16th – Harry Mullins
18th – Kirsty Taylor
20th – Nicole Kidman (actress)
21st – Chris Pratt (actor)
25th – Ricky Gervais (actor/comedian)
27th – Alex Macmillan
28th – Mel Brooks (actor/comedian/filmmaker)

SSKB Diary Dates – June 2018 to August 2018

Mon, 11 June

Public Holiday Victoria & NSW – Queen’s Birthday

Mon, 11 June – Friday, 22 June

CC Visit – Jimish, Mohit, Shaily

Fri, 13 July

SSKB Conference and Gala Day

Wed, 15 August

Public Holiday Brisbane – Ekka Show Day

Fri, 31 August

Public Holiday Gold Coast – Gold Coast Show Day

Check the SSKB HQ Basecamp Schedule for the full 2018 calendar of events
(may be subject to change)

It’s A Girl!

Congratulations to Kyah and the Bassett family!
This little cutie is Penelope Grace Bassett. She was born on Sunday, 3 June at 4.23am. Weighing in at 3.84kg/8 lb 7 oz. and 55cm long, both are doing well and the boys are enjoying meeting their new sister.

Going From A to B

Like many organisations and companies, SSKB has a style guide to ensure clear understanding and prevent miscommunication. This is the seventh in a series of

articles on grammar and effective communication.


Admin Fund – AF – Administrative Fund

ACM – Assistant Community Manager

Agenda – items for discussion and resolution at strata meetings

AGM – Annual General Meeting

AP – Accounts Payable

ACM – An Assistant Community Manager (see CM)

BCCMA – Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997

Body Corporate Asset – Property owned by the body corporate, other than the common property.

BCM – Body Corporate Manager
A body corporate manager is a contractor to the body corporate engaged to provide administrative services.
The administrative services may include the functions of the committee, and the executive members of the committee. See Section 14 of the BCCMA.

SSKB is a body corporate manager. SSKB calls the body corporate managers Community Managers (see CM).

BMS – Building Management Statement -the registered document that contains the details of the parties to the agreement and management of the shared facilities.

BMC – Building Management Committee – the representatives of the members who are party to the building management statement.

Building – This is a term used for the purposes of defining the replacement and reinstatement insurance obligations of the body corporate.

Building Format Plan – A building format plan is a type of subdivision plan where the boundaries of the lot are defined by the building structure (e.g. floors, walls and ceilings) and by projections of the building structure (LTA Section 48C).
Except to the extent permitted by the directions of the Registrar of Titles, the boundary of a lot created under a building format plan and separated from another lot or common property by a floor, wall or ceiling, must be located at the centre of that floor, wall or ceiling.

BUGTA – Building Units and Group Title Act – the act that was in existence prior to the introduction of the BCCMA1997

Bylaws – Rules contained in the registered CMS (for BUGTA they are individually recorded in the Titles office)

Grandiloquent Word of the Day Month

Footy Fixture Fining

It’s been a torrid first month of tipping in the SSKB league and it looks as though the ladies reign supreme by taking five of the top six spots.

But still, this is a game of four quarters (or six months as the case may be), so we’re in for a long season yet.

Sports Joke of the Month

Q. Why shouldn’t you marry a tennis player?

A. Because Love means nothing to them.