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A Message from SSKB Director, Tim Sheehan:

How To Become Remarkable

Remarkable People is one of the points of our Culture Compass.

Remarkable means exceptional, amazing, astonishing, astounding, marvellous, wonderful, sensational, stunning, incredible, unbelievable, miraculous, phenomenal, prodigious, spectacular.

Sounds like a challenge?  Not really.  There is a simple formula.

It is not as big a task as you might think for your clients and your colleagues to believe that you are truly remarkable.  All you need to do is to demonstrate how much you care for them, and showing that you care can be reduced to the following elements:

  1. Respond quickly.
  2. When you respond, listen.
  3. Do what you say you will do.
  4. Keep your clients and your colleagues fully informed and aware of what you are doing.

Responding quickly means returning emails and phone calls in a timely manner; even if the response is simply “Hey Mr Smith, I have your email.  I have meetings tomorrow but I will be able to investigate and respond fully on Tuesday.  Is that okay?”

Responding quickly doesn’t mean solving every problem straight away.

Finally, and this is a huge part of the “remarkable” equation, you must keep your clients informed.  They want to know.  If you can tell people how you are going to solve their problem, and tell them what you are going to do, and when, they will quickly develop an appreciation for your expertise and commitment.

When people don’t hear from you, they start to wonder “Does he really care?  Is he working on my problem?  Are we on the same page?”  Once you communicate then they appreciate.


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<id=”gala” span style=”text-align: left;”>Get Ready For The Gala!

The Gala Committee Team is looking forward to your company on Friday, 13 July for the SSKB conference day and gala ball.

The Conference and Gala Ball will be taking place at the Marriott Surfers Paradise Resort and Spa (158 Ferny Avenue, Surfers Paradise).

The SSKB Conference Day

The SSKB Conference Day, which is for all staff, will start at the hotel at 9:15am for a 9:30am start with plans for a fun and informative day where we will be digging deeper into our recently completed DISC profiles.

All staff are asked to bring their DISC profile report with them.

Here’s a special message from one of our guest presenters, Bo Hanson:

The Gala Ball

The Gala Ball starts at 6:15pm.

Dress Code
Casino Royale is all about sophistication and glamour, so put your best red carpet looks together. For the gents that means formal dress/black tie; ladies that is formal dress/ballgown/elegant cocktail attire.

The Marriott Resort and Spa has one smoking area. It is out the front of the hotel to the left-hand side as you exit. There is no smoking on conference area balconies or around the pool area.

All staff members are reminded of their professional responsibility in regard to the consumption of alcohol. We are on show to not only to other staff members and directors, but also various sponsors who have supported our event.

Praise for the SSKB team

Team work is key to SSKB’s success and the past month has seen various staff members from various teams sharing expertise and adding value.

Welcome back Kate!

Dateline: 3 July

Great feedback received from the Treasurer of Rightbank Apartments  after Courtney sent an emailing confirming Kate O’Rourke’s return as their CM  – “Thanks for the kind words Courtney we have always had a great relationship with everybody at sskb and are  grateful every day we are away from archers”

It’s great to see committees valuing the relationship with the whole SSKB team.  Well done to all who have worked with this body corporate!

End of Financial Year Message from SSKB CEO Daniel Herbert

Dateline: 2 July

As I write, Jane and Sumit are fine-tuning the upcoming payroll changes which will occur following Jane’s announced retirement. Jane will step out after 12yrs with SSKB and will be in attendance at the Ball for a last hurrah. Please take a moment to thank her for her years of service before next Thursday. And thank you to Sumit who has spent the past 3wks in Australia and extended his stay to ensure the most seamless transition possible.

Welcome back to Kate in Brisbane after the past 12mths on maternity leave – her return may be a little disrupted as the Brisbane office begins its renovations today to cope with the growing team.

The year is now done (save for the accounts team and GM’s in the final reconciliation). A lot has happened, a lot has been achieved and most pleasing is the raft of new talent which has joined SSKB in the past 12mths. ‘Strategy, ‘Structure’ and ‘Execution’ are all important words when creating a business plan but is just corporate speak if ‘People’aren’t at the top of the list. They have to deliver it after all.

So thank you to all and sundry, I can’t single anyone out without singling everyone out.

We will recognise some individuals in a few weeks at the Gala for their outstanding achievements, resolve and ethic but collectively every dept has faced adversity at some stage and smashed through it.

A year ago I knew bits and pieces but very little about the business as a whole – the SSKB Group. 12mths on, something has become very clear to me and that is what a good business this is. And when in the service industry the quality of the business is the quality of your systems and the quality of your people. Together with your GM’s, we will continue to focus on these 2 things for the 12mths ahead. Some things will change, keep an open mind to this in the hope of progress. But most importantly, thank you for helping us reach many of the goals we set out to achieve.

Accountant Mark makes a great addition to the Victorian team

Dateline: June 22
The Victorian team is sending a huge thanks Mark Roberts for spending that last two days in our office doing some intensive training with the team! The training was practical and the team has already started using some of the tricks he has taught us! It’s been great to have him here and the added bonus is that he doesn’t appear to have contracted frostbite! Thanks Mark!

Company Care Tour a Great Success

Dateline: June 22
For the past 7 days we have had 7 Company Care representatives traversing SEQ and down to Victoria to engage and learn even more about the SSKB Group of businesses. Thank you to Jeet and his team for their super efforts – these visits are so important in improving the alignment between APT and the SSKB Group and will be paramount in our push to continually improve and innovate. Six of them depart tonight for their homeland but we will have one member, Sumit, staying on a little longer to continue this learning – thank you Sumit!







SSKB In The Community

  • Join Tim Sheehan and show your support for a cause that is close to his heart. The Wheel And Walk fun run, billed as Brisbane’s most inclusive run is to be held on Sunday, 29 July meeting at Captain Burke Park, Holman Street at Kangaroo Point. For more details about the event and great work done by SBH Queensland, visit the web site.
Kylie Uerata in action on the football field. She is a Queensland representative in the Oztag league.
  • Client Solutions team member Kylie Uerata spent the month of June kicking things in high gear with a delicious fundraiser. Kylie has been selected to play for Queensland for Oztag in the coming weeks in the Sunshine Coast. “It’s not cheap to represent your state so I’m fundraising to help with costing,” she says.  You’ll find a range of chocolate and chips for $2 in the Client Solutions department.


What’s happening in your office? Share your wins with the entire SSKB team!Tell your GM to let us know on Basecamp,

or email Jacqui directly –

Celebrating July Birthdays
We’d like to wish many happy returns to everyone having a birthday this month (including these celebrities!):
1st – Amy Clifford
2nd – Monique Gunnis
4th – Liam Coulson
7th – Ian Aldred
9th – Tom Hanks
10th – Kyah Bassett
12th – Chris Nezmah
13th – Harrison Ford
17th – Amrish Trivedi
19th – Benedict Cumberbatch
21st – Tim Sheehan
– Tracey Brown
23rd – Daniel Radcliffe
25th – Courtney Pratt
27th – Tarniya Maurer
– Ella Baker
– Siobhan Beagley
31st – JK Rowling

SSKB Diary Dates – July 2018 to September 2018

Fri, 13 July

SSKB Conference and Gala Day

Wed, 15 August

Public Holiday Brisbane – Ekka Show Day

Fri, 31 August

Public Holiday Gold Coast – Gold Coast Show Day

Mon, 10 September – Fri, 22 September

Company Care Visit – Welcome Vrunda

Check the SSKB HQ Basecamp Schedule for the full 2018 calendar of events
(may be subject to change)

It’s A Boy!

Congratulations to David and the Bourke family!

Congratulations to David and Roche for their new little man born on Wednesday, 15 June. William Patrick Bourke came in at a solid 6lbs 8oz and is a little brother to Sophia.

Catching Up On C

Like many organisations and companies, SSKB has a style guide to ensure clear understanding and prevent miscommunication. This is the seventh in a series of

articles on grammar and effective communication.



Capital Works Fund  NSW terminology for a Sinking Fund.

Caretaker – The on-site person who is in charge of the maintenance of Common Property.

CM – Community Manager

CMS – Community Management Statement. The Community Management Statement for a community titles scheme is a document that is registered with the Queensland Land Title Office and contains all of the basic information about the body corporate and the community titles scheme. Among other things it identifies the exact land on which the community titles scheme is built, it sets out the by-laws, it sets out each owner’s lot entitlements, and it sets out all the exclusive uses of common property given to owners (BCCMA Section 66).

Contribution – Contribution is the Body Corporate or Owners Corporation levies paid by the owners to give the Body Corporate or Owners Corporation the funds to operate.

Contribution Lot Entitlement – The contribution lot entitlement for a lot is the number assigned to the lot in the community management statement. It is properly calculated as an estimate of the relative amount of expenses either caused or benefiting that particular lot. The contribution lot entitlement schedule is used for determining each owner’s body corporate contributions. It is also the weighted value of a lot owner’s vote on a motion to be decided by ordinary resolution.

Committee Meeting – Regular (often three monthly) meeting where the elected members of the Committee meet in a formally convened meeting.

Common Property – Common property is the land within a community titles scheme that is not within one of the lots owned by an Owner in the Body Corporate or Owners Corporation.

Common Seal – Used for signing registered documents or other documents required to be signed under seal.

CPT – Common Property Title – title reference to the common property.

CTS – Community Titles Scheme. A community titles scheme is the lots and common property that make up the Body Corporate. A community title scheme must consist of at least two lots and common property.

Grandiloquent Word of the Day Month

Footy Fixture Fining

We’re at the three-quarter mark of the regular NRL season and we have some masterful tippers in our midst. Woody is clinging on in the top 8 while ‘Timbo the Terminator’ has slipped to 10th. The man to beat appears to be Kyle, but he’s under pressure from Client Solutions’ footy guru, Anne Warne.

Incidentally, all the ladies in the Top 5 all work in Client Solutions… now there’s a hot tip.

Joke of the Month

Q: Why aren’t koalas actual bears?

A: They don’t meet the koalafications.

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