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SSKB Take Five with Tony & Fiona Woodland, Crystal Bay on the Broadwater

Crystal Bay On The Broadwater

The sparkling Broadwater glistens like a jewel on a balmy autumn morning.

While the residents and guests of Crystal Bay On The Broadwater enjoy the view over a leisurely breakfast on their balconies – or take in a before-work session in the gym – Tony and Fiona Woodland (pictured at right) have been at work for at least two hours already, making sure the pool is clean and the common areas are sparking.

SSKB interviews Fiona and Tony Woodland, unit managers at Crystal Bay Five o’clock starts are the norm and, as resident unit managers of Crystal Bay On The Broadwater at Southport, Tony and Fiona are in their element.

“You have to enjoy being around people,” Tony says. “We have permanent residents, long-term tenants and holidaymakers too and our job is to help them all.”

The lift doors open. A couple exit and say good morning – proof of a very happy body corporate community.

By 8.30am, the morning cleaning and maintenance is finished and the office is opened – body corporate business is attended to during the day; guests arrive and depart. And, 12 hours after starting work, the Woodlands get to put their feet up and enjoy their home.

They work together as a team – as they have done at Crystal Bay On The Broadwater since 2010 when they were first appointed. Fiona has a property management background and Tony’s specialty is property maintenance. It’s the perfect combination.

So, what other skills should a resident unit manager have?

“A thick skin and a sense of humour,” Tony says without missing a beat.

That’s not surprising when there are a lot of expectations to manage.

“There are two types of committee,” he says. “A non-progressive one and a proactive one.

Crystal Bay on the Broadwater, Southport“We have a great proactive committee here. They take an interest in the building and in making improvements. That’s not to say that we don’t have robust discussions – we certainly do – but everyone has Crystal Bay On The Broadwater’s best interests at heart.

“At the end of every committee meeting, we always have a laugh and a drink together.”

The resort has recently undergone refurbishment. The front apron has been re-laid with quality sandstone tiles, giving the sophisticated first impression.

Arriving soon, are glass accents and lighting effects for the pillars, and Tony says it is a prime example of a resident unit manager and a committee working together.

The spirit of cooperation extends to the relationship with the strata manager too.

Katie Todd is there whenever we need expert answers to strata related questions – for example, if we need to retile the pool, we’ll enquire about spending limits and procedures.

“A good strata manager is one who is a source of information and also an adjudicator when one is needed on occasion,” says Tony.

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