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SSKB Tailor to You

The SSKB Client Care team have listened to all feedback received from our clients and we have completely transformed and improved our approach to levy recovery.

Recently, I had a fantastic meeting with the treasurer of a large Gold Coast body corporate who had been conducting their own debt recovery since 2009.

Despite this we had monitored their aged balance on a regular basis and noticed in December last year the unpaid contributions were beginning to mount.

We conducted an analysis of strata communities with a similar demographic and owner population and provided details of the success we had with levy recovery with these.

This was provided to the treasurer and in a happy coincidence it was around the same time he was growing very concerned with the outstanding debt for this body corporate.

Following on from my meeting, the treasurer was very happy to engage the levy recovery team at SSKB to manage collection of debt in all matters moving forward.

The treasurer’s comments really speak volumes in how far we have come in two years:

“I left [our meeting] with confidence that SSKB will professionally and empathetically manage the collection of our levy arrears.”

SSKB will continue to strive to improve our practices and tailor our approach to suit all communities under our management.

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