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Mark Roy – CEO

SSKB is excited to give you the exclusive into the changes that are happening for you, as influenced by you. This year we embark on a new strategy developed over years of research, understanding and learning based outcomes. Our direction seeks to change the industry for the good, and to provide an even more client orientated and tailored service.

You might ask how we intend to do this… I promise you the answer is worth the wait and you won’t be disappointed. Our commitment to you is to keep you informed of all the exciting changes to come and to detail how they will improve your experience with SSKB.

In the meantime, I am pleased to be able to share with you our impending new branding and how we will be changing. Our brand has undergone a significant review and in the coming months we will launch our new strategy.

For many, the notion of a re-brand only means a colour change or new logo; however, for SSKB this is definitely not the case. Our strategy is to further raise the bar in the management and support of strata communities. We have further invested in the ongoing education and retention of our expert staff, enhanced our processes and improved efficiencies that will continue to improve our client service offering.

Over the coming months you will witness the integration of 10 key business principles that are lived and breathed in all our work and through every element of our service offering. These principles are the cornerstone of SSKB’s company culture which has been developed over the course of over 20 years.

We believe it is not only essential to have these principles clearly defined, but to also promote them. By creating transparency, you can know and understand the values by which we operate.

As part of our strategy, we will include an updated brand mark and visual identity. The purpose of which is to engage our clients and the market, to once again, take a fresh look at SSKB and understand our history of growth.

As we forge ahead, we continue to position ourselves as the leading strata management company in Australia. We continue to deliver true value in service to our clients and by acknowledging that every detail matters, we continue to make a positive difference in the lives of our communities.

As we embark on this journey of change we are overjoyed with the prospect of providing you with a revitalised SSKB experience.


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