Spotlight on the West Village Community

Spotlight on the West Village Community

If you are located in the Brisbane area, chances are you have heard of or have visited West Village. Located in West End, West Village is a new global neighbourhood like nothing else. The development has been inspired by the character of West End and integrates green spaces merged with relaxed urban culture.  
We sat down with Jason Thomas, Chairperson of West Village One to find out more about the West Village Community.

About The West Village Community 

Jason has been part of the West Village community for over 2.5 years. He was one of the first residents to move into West Village and has seen the development change from a construction site into a village crafted with character and a community rich history.

We moved into West Village in October 2018 when the building of West Village One first opened. West Village One was the only building on site, we’ve now watched the retail centre transform from being a hole in the ground to now established retail stores and restaurants. We’ve seen the Arcadia North Gallery be built and are now witnessing Arcadia South coming online. It’s been really exciting to be involved and see the development change so much over the 2.5 years we’ve been here,” said Jason.

“Since we’ve been here, we’ve made life long true friends. High density communities have such a variety of people to meet and engage with. West Village is a unique development. One of the benefits of being here is being with different nationalities and residents,” said Jason. 

About the Committee

How has your Committee dealt with the challenges presented by COVID-19?
“We’ve responded well. We are like minded and proactive. When decisions had to be made quickly, we were able to respond and get responses by the Committee in a very timely fashion so we could make changes that needed to be made. We were very fortunate to have the advice of SSKB to lead us through difficult decisions. Having Kate and Zoe working with us made our lives a lot easier,” said Jason.

“It was excellent having SSKB to support our community during covid. Having the email comms sent through in a timely manner helped us to make our decisions to move forward and keep our community safe.” 

How does your Community Manager Kate, and Assistant Community Manager, Zoe assist your Committee to be efficient and effective in meetings?

“Having a resource like SSKB which is represented by Kate and Zoe is a massive bonus for our committee. We’re all volunteers we aren’t experts in Body Corporate or Strata management. Having Kate and Zoe there as a source of information really helps us and ensures that as a committee we stay on track and within our obligations,” said Jason.

West Village Testimonial

Jason shared his recommendations to anyone who is in the area and is thinking about visiting the West Village community.  

 The Woolworths is a must visit. It’s a brand-new supermarket that just opened a couple of weeks ago. Another must do is to dine at Beirut Bazar a Lebanese restaurant – their food is exceptional. We eat there on a regular basis,” said Jason.  

At SSKB we are lucky to manage West Village and have the opportunity to work with and build relationships with such a proactive and forward-thinking Committee. 

We promote positive communities and pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our clients. If you are not already a client of SSKB and would like to see how easy it is to make the switch, click here to contact us today.

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