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Space: The Final Frontier

Go streamline with this besta TV storage hub

Whether you’re in a multi-bedroom townhome or a bijoux studio apartment, storage space always seems to be at a premium.

In fact, the Victoria Government released the results of a recent survey which revealed that a lack of storage space is the number one thing they like least about high rise/apartment living.

The secret to successful unit living is having an uncluttered life, and while the minimalist trend looks spectacular, it often isn’t practical for actual day-to-day living. The secret is hide everything you don’t want (or need) to display.

We’ve scoured the best of the web and come up with our favourite storage solutions that can fit any almost size apartment.

Go streamline with this besta TV storage hub

Go streamline – smooth lines and flat surfaces often make a room look bigger. If you’re embarking on an apartment lifestyle and want to maximise your storage space, considering investing in furniture such as cabinets and lamp tables with smooth finishes and neutral coloured doors that blend into the walls.

King Furniture has hidden storage

Let your furniture do the work – extending dining tables and folding chairs gives you extensive options from everything from a romantic dinner for two to catering for a dinner party.

Also, look for furniture pieces with additional built in storage. Ottomans and sofas can hide throw rugs, magazines, toys and television remote controls while still making a stylish statement. Beds with under-mattress storage are perfect wardrobe extenders for clothes which don’t need to be hung.

Speaking of which…

Smart kitchens use space really well

Hang it up – everything from kitchen utensils to your bicycle can take up less space if the wall takes the burden. Don’t forget the doors! Bathroom doors and pantry doors are storage spaces waiting to happen. Best of all, these small and portable storage solutions are very inexpensive.

The secret to making them work is conducting a space audit. Examine how you use your cupboards, pantries and wardrobes and look at ways to store things with the smallest possible footprint.

Contempo Space wardrobe organisers

Create a space audit. Wardrobes lend themselves to imaginative storage. Consider taking part of your hanging space and create a ‘double deck’ long enough to hang two rows of shirts, blouses and folded over trousers and skirts.

In the kitchen, consider pull out baskets or hangers for pots and pans.

Uniform pantry storage is more organized and streamlined. You might just be surprised by how much you can fit in (not to mention how easy it is to find things!)

Best House Design showcases a floating bar

Look in the corners, Small corner shelf units and floating shelf units add a surprising amount of space without sacrificing the feeling of spaciousness.

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