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Smoke-free strata living

The NSW Cancer Council has put together a free information kit for strata title accommodation owners, agents and tenants. The information kit aims to: increase awareness of the health, legal and financial benefits of 100% smoke-free housing; inform NSW strata title owners, agents and tenants about ways to address the problem of second-hand smoke in apartment blocks and other types of multi-unit housing such as townhouses, condominiums and villas; and to contribute to the increased availability of smoke-free housing options in NSW.

The Kit contains a great deal of useful information and the contents can be accessed below by following the links:

Landlords/Owners/Agents can take the following actions:

  • If a property owner in a multi-unit development does not own the entire development, this owner should seek the support of the owners’ corporation to establish a strata by-law that prohibits smoking throughout the entirety of the development
  • In advocating to the owners’ corporation, the owner should provide members of the corporation with information on the health, legal, and financial benefits of adopting a smoke-free by-law.
  • If a by-law is established, provide notice to tenants of any decision to introduce the smoke-free building policy and that it will apply to all indoor areas.
  • Include adherence of the smoke-free policy as a condition of lease in any new or renewed rental leases.
  • Include information about the smoke-free policy in any ‘for rent’ or ‘for sale’ advertising.
  • Place ‘no smoking’ or ‘smoke-free area’ signs in strategic locations.
  • Be ready to explain the reasons for the smoke-free policy to tenants and would-be tenants. Consider referring tenants to the Cancer Council information kit.
  • If your property insurer does not already provide a discounted fee for insuring smoke-free properties, suggest to the insurer that they do so. Point out that a property in which smoking does not occur represents a lower financial risk to property insurers

To obtain a hard copy of the information kit contact the Cancer Council Helpline on 13 11 20.


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Damien On December 19, 2013 | Reply

Hi we are in nsw and have an issue with second hand smoke drift from one or more neighboring units.

The landlord is not interested in assisting us, just passed us on to the agent, the agent i believe has contacted the tenants, this is making no difference to their behaviour.

We have a 1yo child and we are deeply concernred that he is already being affected by the second hand smoke.

There is a strata meeting coming up in early January to discuss this and we are looking to provide as much information as possible so that we can amend the bylaws. We need assistance with this. Please contact us to help provide a strategy for a successful amendment to the bylaws.

Are we able to make our own unit smoke free, and with that, are there then laws protecting us from smoke drift?



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