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Smart Storage Solutions For Apartments

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When you’re living in an apartment, space is often at a premium.

Finding room to hang all of your clothes and store knick knacks and memorabilia can be extremely difficult, with many people ending up with a living space that is cluttered and jam-packed.

That’s why many architects and interior designers are now looking to incorporate smart storage solutions into their apartment designs. From under staircase storage to joinery walls, they’ve figured out some ingenious ways to fit all the paraphernalia from your life into your apartment comfortably and efficiently.

Designed by Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture, this minimalist apartment features an intricate, wood-panelled centralised storage core, combining a sleeping loft, kitchen, bathroom and walk in closet.

Photography by Frank Oudeman, Sean Karns



The Studio, Sydney NSW

This clever apartment in Wooloomooloo received a commendation for Residential Design in the 2013 Australian Interior Design Awards. Nicholas Gurney redesigned the 27sqm apartment so it was divided into a 2.7 x 7m room and a 1.3m inhabited joinery wall butting up against the long edge of the main room.  The joinery wall features storage, a queen sized bed, wardrobe, bookcase and bathroom enclosed by full-height sliding panels.

Photography Katherine Lu





Studio Apartment, Paris

Another smart use of joinery is seen in this 8sqm apartment in a classic Haussman building. Designed specifically by Kitoko Studio for a couple’s au pair, the apartment features a joinery wall that features a sleeping nook, table, wardrobe, staircase, bathroom and kitchenette. The closet can be opened and closed according to the owner’s needs.

Photography by Fabienne Delafraye



150630-storage-paris-3_380x620 150630-storage-paris-2_380x620

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I love these space saving ideas but do we have any companies specialising in such things in Melbourne? I’d like to get in touch with them.

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