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Strata Consulting

The team at SSKB have over 20 years experience in the body corporate industry. As such we’re able to offer a range of value-added consulting services for all participants in the community management sector.

Our organisation is involved in a number of charities and events to help support the community and champion change.

Giving back to the community is an important part of who we are as an organisation and over the years the giving spirit of the SSKB team members have been able to touch the lives of many!


SSKB’s Developer Consulting Team has developed a process to assist developers with the sale of Management Rights.

Incoming candidates must produce evidence to substantiate that:

  • They are of appropriate financial standing.
  • They are suitably competent, qualified and experienced.

Under the first part of the process, SSKB’s Developer Consulting Team will interview the proposed candidates and provide a formal report to the Developer to assess whether the proposed new manager is:

  • Financially sound
  • Responsible
  • Respectable
  • Capable of performing the obligations in the care-taking and letting contracts

SSKB’s Developer Consulting Team also ensures the proposed candidate obtains the appropriate license and is fully aware of their obligations under the care-taking and letting agreements.


A review of a strata community’s lot entitlement can be commenced by either a lot owner or the Committee wishing to determine the reasonableness on which the existing lot entitlements and levies are determined. SSKB is one of the few companies that can provide you with an expert opinion in this area. We will investigate your current entitlements, provide a report and resolve an appropriate course of action. Relevant factors include:
  • How the community titles scheme is structured
  • The nature, features and characteristics of the lots included in the scheme
  • The purposes for which the lots are used.

*Please note; until the Queensland Property Law review has been completed, we are unable to provide lot entitlement reports for Queensland.


To help protect your investment in a building, some strata communities choose to have an Architectural Review Committee (ARC). The ARC is empowered to ensure that all aspects of construction and landscaping comply with the design guidelines that have been formulated. Owners or occupants must apply for and obtain ARC approval of plans before seeking certifier/local authority approval.

SSKB can provide you with a streamlined process to handle your ARC application. Applications for an ARC approval may be submitted through SSKB and we can provide access to our established relationships with architects and other technical experts as well as take care of the secretarial duties with owners and the Architectural Review Committee.

The application process normally includes:
  • Review and assessment of documentation submitted by the applicant
  • Issue of a request for information, if necessary
  • Issue of an approval, with or without conditions

SSKB does not need to be currently managing your body corporate or owners corporation to administer your ARC.


A Building Management Group is not a body corporate. The Building Management Statement (BMS) is a document governed, in Queensland, under the Land Title Act 1994 (section 54A). The BMS is used to integrate various lots together to form a single piece of continuous land. This may include a Body Corporate or Bodies Corporate.

The BMS contains provisions that state how lots can either be benefited or burdened by this process. For a BMS to be established, the lots must either be entirely or partly contained in one or more buildings.

This can be by containing two or more volumetric format lots, or by containing one or more volumetric format lots and one or more standard format lots. In layman’s terms, the BMS could integrate two shops together or it may integrate a shop, or group of shops and a Body Corporate together.

A BMS may contain provisions in relation to the establishment and operation of a management group, the imposition and recovery of levies, how levy amounts are to be kept and how levy amounts are to be spent, and dispute resolution.

In comparison, a Body Corporate has statutory requirements under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997. They must have motions passed at Annual General Meetings where all lot owners are entitled to vote.

If you’re interested in finding out more about any of the above strata consulting services, please contact our strata community specialists today by emailing


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