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Responsibilities of the Committee

Every strata scheme in New South Wales must appoint an Executive Committee.  The committee is responsible for the many things that have to be looked after, arranged and organised for the smooth running of a strata scheme.

The administration of an owners corporation is generally undertaken on behalf of all the lot owners by a committee, consisting of a group of lot owners who are elected at the annual general meeting. In NSW, the committee may be called an owners committee, executive committee, managing committee, committee of management, the committee, or council.  A committee can have up to 9 members who together must ensure strata laws and their owners corporation by-laws are adhered to. A committee is elected once a year at the annual general meeting of the owners corporation.

A person is not eligible for election as a member of an executive committee unless the person is:

  • an individual who is an owner,
  • a company nominee of a corporation that is an owner, or
  • an individual who is not an owner but who is nominated for election by an owner who is not a candidate for election.

In NSW, committees can make most scheme decisions but can be overruled by owners in general meetings.

The general responsibilities of the committee members include:

  • Presiding over meetings to ensure they run smoothly;
  • Attending all committee meetings;
  • Attending to various jobs (e.g. obtaining quotes for painting or gardening); and
  • Approving expenditure.

Generally all other powers and duties of the committee are delegated to a strata managing agent. When this happens, the treasurer and secretary have a much easier time of things and can focus on the running of the scheme from a management perspective rather than having to worry about the logistical, accounting, compliance, legislative and legal side of things.

As representatives of all owners, committee members must be selfless in the way they go about their duties. By proactively working together and not missing things such as maintenance, compliance and appearance of the scheme, they are thereby helping to preserve and even enhance the value of each owners’ investment.

The strata managers, as knowledgeable as they are, are not permitted to make decisions on how a scheme is to be run or on how much money is to be spent.  Only the executive committee for the owners corporation can.  Therefore, it’s imperative that those who really care about the scheme hold such important positions.

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