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Register For Safety

A little record-keeping is all it takes for strata communities to improve health and safety. The following three registers can provide your community with peace of mind.

  • Register of Contractors
  • Indemnity Register
  • Safe Working Method Statement

A Register of Contractors lists approved licensed and reputable contractors along with any relevant industry licence details. Over time, the register will provide a handy record of service providers who are familiar with the history of your building.

In addition, a Register of Contractors protects the body corporate/owners corporation from unsafe workmanship and losses. From a safety and security perspective, a Register of Contractors provides you with a record of contractors who have entered the premises.

An Indemnity Register should list whether the contractors are insured for the work they perform by keeping a copy of their insurance documents.

As well as the body corporate/owners corporation taking responsibility for duty of care required under the WHS Act, contractors too are responsible for their own health and safety.

Contractors should provide you with a Safe Working Method Statement, which you should keep in a register. This covers the body corporate/owners corporation from liability in the event of an incident where the statement was not followed.

All the Registers and Statements become part of the permanent body corporate/owners corporation records and they should be reviewed at each committee meeting and that Workplace Health and Safety becomes a standing agenda item.

Workplace Health and Safety, Status, Notes

  • Risk Assessment Report (Annual) – when was it last carried out, and by whom?
  • Register of Contractors – where it is located?
  • Contractors Indemnity Register – where it is located?
  • Safe Working Methods Register – where it is located?
  • Incident Reports – where it is located? What action is required?

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