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Proxies And How They Work – Vic

SSKB Community Managers looks at voting proxies in strata communities

You can still have a say, even if you can’t attend your owners corporation meetings. All lot owners can choose a proxy to represent them.

To alert the owners corporation that someone will be attending in your place, you will need to appoint a proxy by filling in a proxy form – –  and ensure it is delivered to the owners corporation secretary.

Any trusted person can ‘hold your proxy’ and their vote is counted as yours. Your vote is valuable, it is illegal for a person to coerce or require you to give your proxy.

Your proxy holder can:

  • attend, speak or vote on your behalf at an owners corporation meeting
  • vote on your behalf in a ballot
  • represent you on the owners corporation committee.

A proxy has a limited life span and it will lapse 12 months after the form is delivered, unless an earlier date is specified.

For further information on voting, proxies and how they work, please contact your SSKB Community Manager or check out the Victorian Government’s web site:

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