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Body corporate power outages – Flood crisis


If you are experiencing electricity interruptions in your body corporate from the flood crisis please be patient while Energex repairs are underway.

Unfortunately, Energex is unable to provide exact restoration times for all areas due to ongoing access issues and vast damage to properties and the network.

To find out what is happening with electricity interruptions in your area please click here.

If you can not find your suburb please call Energex’s loss of supply number on 136262.

Energex have crews and private contactors working to restore power to homes and businesses. As of this afternoon there are still almost 50, 000 premises without supply.

ENERGEX – Frequently asked questions

When is my power going to be restored?
ENERGEX is unable to provide exact restoration times for all areas due to ongoing access issues and vast damage to properties and the ENERGEX network.

We are now at the stage of the more difficult jobs in those areas that have been heavily impacted by floodwater, and electrical safety checks of properties are finding extensive safety work is required.

What is involved in the restoration process?
The restoration process cannot commence until equipment becomes accessible, then cleaned and dried out. Two separate inspections must occur on an affected property before reenergisation:

  • ENERGEX conducts the inspection of the network source attachment point, meter box and meters to the property, and
  • A licensed electrical contractor inspects and tests household wiring.

My house wasn’t affected by the flood waters, why don’t I have any power?
Properties not directly affected by flood waters may still be impacted by power interruptions. There are a number of factors around significant damage to the feeder to your area, and access to that feeder. As equipment becomes accessible, is cleaned then dried out, ENERGEX will reenergise.

My neighbour has power and I don’t. Why?
If you know you are the only person in your street without power, contact ENERGEX on 13 62 62.

Do I need to organise an electrical contractor even though I haven’t been affected by the floodwaters?
No, however if you are concerned ENERGEX urges property owners to get their property inspected by a licensed electrician before using or reconnecting electricity.

I would like to start cleaning up my house; do I need to disconnect my electricity?
To minimise electrical risks while cleaning homes and businesses people should switch off their main switch in the meterbox while wearing dry gloves. If they don’t know how to do this call a licensed electrician for advice. Do not hose or wet inside or around the building’s meterbox or switchboard.

Similarly, once finished cleaning, allow the premise to dry completely before switching it back on even if it means staying with friends or family for the night. Any electrical appliances that were wet during the floods should be either checked by a licensed contractor or photographed for insurance reasons and discarded.

I have solar panels, am I in danger of electrocution?
People with solar panels on their roofs should be aware that although mains power is cut from their home, the panels may still be generating electricity and present an electrocution danger. Contact a licensed electrician for a safety inspection.


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