Pool Safety Tips for Apartments (VIC)

Pool Safety Tips for Apartments (VIC)

In Victoria, we are fortunate to have hot sunny weather for our summer months. This makes swimming pools a valuable investment. With a growing population living in strata communities, the allure of a pool within the scheme can be highly appealing. However, with the high density of people living in strata, potential risks associated with pool safety are prominent. Below we have shared some pool safety tips for your strata scheme. 

Victoria Pool Compliance  

On 1 December 2019, new laws to improve swimming pool and spa safety came into effect in Victoria. They introduce new registration, inspection and certification requirements for property owners.   When a pool or spa is on common property managed by an owners corporation, the owners corporation is responsible for arranging the registration, inspection and certification of the pool or spa barrier.  13% of the Australian population live in a property with a swimming pool Below are a few pool safety tips to stay on the lookout for around your pool: 
  • That the gate is self-closing and latches automatically. 
  • That there is clear CPR signage on display. 
  • That there is no damage to the fence or barriers surrounding the pool. 
  • That young children are supervised at all times. 
  • Ensure your pool is fenced (and complies with pool safety standards). 
  • Ensure your pool gate opens away from the pool area. 
  • Ensure gardens are maintained around the pool to make sure children cannot climb into the pool area. 
Why pool safety is important in apartments  Local councils all over the country work hard to enforce the government regulations. However, it is the role of the Owners Corporation or Building Manager to ensure that the pool is maintained to a high standard at all times. In saying this, pool safety is something that everyone in strata living can work together to achieve by keeping an eye out for anything around the pool that might jeopardise the safety of your friends, family and neighbours.  If you have any concerns about the safety or maintenance of the pool in your Owners Corporation, please notify your Building Manager or Owners Corporation Manager directly. They can assist with maintaining compliance and keeping the pool safe and enjoyable for all. To contact SSKB, please click here.   

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