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Pool Laws Make A Splash

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The weather is scorching. Your face red from blowing up the inflatable pool and believe it or not, you may have just broken the law.

Tens of thousands of Sydney families are inadvertently breaking the law by using portable pools, which are responsible for a fifth of backyard drownings, without the required safety measures.

Little-known or ignored regulations require even a small inflatable pool with a water depth of 30 centimetres to be surrounded by a fence that is 1.2 metres high and fitted with a self-latching gate.

And the rules could soon get a lot stricter, with a new report being considered by the NSW government understood to be calling for radical changes to the way paddling pools are sold.

This might come as a surprised to many people, but it is a law that has certainly been on Victoria’s law books for a while judging by this 2011 story in The Age newspaper.

For more information regarding your state’s pool fencing laws, we’ve linked to the relevant information for you here:

  • New South Wales
  • Victoria
  • Queensland (it is important to note that Queensland’s pool fencing laws were recently updated, and pool owners had until 30 November 2015 to be compliant)

SSKB – Strata Managers regularly review changes and updates to legislation and let you know how they may impact on you and your strata community.

When was the last time your community’s common property pool was inspected? Contact StarBMS for Building Management and Compliance inspections and reports.

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