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CARE Culture Compass

Our ‘CARE’ culture compass was developed 2 years ago by all of our SSKB group team members. As a group, we decided that we wanted to put some ‘words’ around the way we felt about our organization, and the values that were important to all of us. Through a series of team workshops, road shows, online surveys, and feedback forums, the entire SSKB Group developed our ‘CARE Culture Compass’. CARE, because all of the elements combine to encapsulate what was important to all of us, and the Compass as our guide.
CARE not only defines the way we work as a team and as a group, but it also defines the way we develop our relationships and work alongside our committees and communities. At SSKB we believe that our culture is the personality of our organization; it is important to us, and it defines who we are and how we do things.


Our business is about relationships, we build them, we support them, we thrive on them
We value integrity, respect, and a sense of community in everything we do – inside and out


We are bold in our goal to be the best strata management company in the market
We are passionate about what we do – there is no compromise in the pursuit of excellence


Our people are extraordinary – they embody professionalism, dedication, quality and service.
We are responsive to the changing needs of our communities – we value taking the time to connect with our people.


We believe in continuous improvement – from our people to our product, it’s a value we embrace; its what we do.
As our business and environment evolve we take knowledge seriously and strive to share this with everyone.