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Owners Corporation Proxy Form

Schedule 1, Regulation 6, Owners Corporation Regulations 2018

As my/our proxy:




B. To represent me/us on the Committee of the Owners Corporation

Signed by (member(s) giving proxy)
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This page is for information only and not part of the prescribed form.

  1. Lot owners can appoint a trusted person as their representative at meetings, to vote in ballots or represent them on the Committee. This person is your “proxy”.
  2. To authorise a proxy you must use the prescribed form and deliver it to the owners corporation Secretary. If appointing a Power of Attorney as a proxy, you should attach a copy of the Power of Attorney.
  3. The Proxy authorisation must be a named individual.
  4. When a lot is in joint names and a proxy given to a third party both lot owners must sign the proxy form.
  5. When a lot is in joint names and only one owner attends a meeting they need to have a proxy from the other joint lot owner to enable them to participate in voting.
  6. When a lot is in a company name the proxy needs to be signed by a director or other authorised person of the company noting in which capacity they are so authorised to sign on behalf of the company.
  7. Proxies automatically lapse 12 months after the form is delivered to the Secretary, unless an earlier date is specified.
  8. Proxies must act honestly and in good faith and exercise due care and diligence.
  9. Proxies cannot transfer the proxy to another person.
  10. A lot owner can revoke the authorisation at any time and choose to vote on a certain issue or attend a meeting.
  11. It is illegal for someone to coerce a lot owner into making another person their proxy.
  12. Owners corporations must keep the copy of the proxy authorisation for 12 months.