Owners Corporation Advice – Pets, Parties and Parking (VIC)

Owners Corporation Advice – Pets, Parties and Parking (VIC)

SSKB and MBA Lawyers previously hosted a Strata Seminar where Solicitor Clayton Glenister spoke regarding Owners Corporation advice on the three P’s: pets, parking and parties. 

With the festive season in full swing there is no better time for SSKB to educate our clients on the three P’s as festive season means more parties, pets, family time and more! 


As the old saying goes, pets aren’t just for Christmas, they are for life. Coming into the Christmas season many families have puppies, kittens, fish and other pets on their list.

In Victoria an Owners Corporation cannot ban or limit pets. The only pets that are banned in Victoria are dog “dangerous breeds” as declared and defined by Council. In this instance, the council will enforce these rules, not the Owners Corporation.  

2020 changes to the Victoria Residential Tenancies Act means that Landlord/Rental Provider cannot ban pets and must not unreasonably withhold consent.

Are you getting a new furry friend this Christmas? Comment below what animal you are bringing into your family in the comment section of the article! 


Christmas is the season of festivities and Strata properties are great places to host. 

When inviting your guests to attend your celebrations it is a great opportunity to let them know the best ways for them to travel to your apartment and if they are driving, where to park. 

Let your guests know if there is any street parking available nearby or any car parks that are within walking distance. There may be limited amounts of visitor parking available over the Christmas period, so it is best to have back-up options for your guests. 


As Christmas and the New Year approaches, strata communities see the common property being utilised more frequently. While festivities are more than welcome in strata properties, residents must be mindful of their neighbours. 

Clayton Glenister made the following points at the seminar: 

  • Parties must comply with Council restrictions. 
  • If a party turns into a local authority issue, Police should be contacted if required, not left for Committees and Owners Corporation to handle. 

If you are considering taking advantage of your schemes roof top this New Years Eve, it is important that you check with your scheme if you need to register for a spot on the roof top. If every resident has the same idea to invite their friends and family to the roof top to enjoy the firework display, as you can imagine, not everyone will fit, and it will become unsafe. 

Have you read your OC Rules? 

Every scheme has different OC Rules in relation to parking, pets and parties. SSKB recommends you read the OC Rules specific to your scheme. It may be a good idea to inform your guests of certain rules when you invite them to ensure there are no complaints and all residents are kept happy. 

It is a good idea to start checking your OC Rules now so you can orgainise your festivities and check with your Owners Corporation Manger if there are any rules you don’t understand. 

We hope all of our clients enjoy their celebrations this festive season.  

If you’re unhappy with your current Owners Corporation Manager and would like a fresh start for your scheme in the New Year, click here to request a quote. 


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