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Online innovation at SSKB

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By Tim Sheehan.

At SSKB we’re always thinking up new ways to make a positive difference in the lives of our lot owners. We have a team of strata management professionals who work together from different departments across the company who are constantly dreaming up innovative product offerings. After all, this is at the very core of what we do.

But sometimes, while in the quest for perfection, we need to remind our clients (and ourselves) of the very helpful products and processes we have previously put in place for our clients.

The online information portal is available to all lot owners and is an industry specific software programme that provides the ability for a body corporate to manage its records. At SSKB, we manage the daily upload of information to the online portal where all owners and committee members are able to access any information they need in relation to their body corporate.

The portal is an online site where every body corporate has the ability to customise their personal site with additional documents, if they wish , and our staff are available to assist you with this process. For example, some committees choose to have newsletters, a schedule of building specific items of importance, or upcoming events.

Each night all transactions for the day are uploaded to the Portal by SSKB so that payments, receipts and changes to records are all updated and available to the Committee and owners. Most importantly, all information is secure and available only to authorised owners.

We now also have the Invoice Hub up and running which is a state of the art invoice approval system that allows for invoices to be scanned by SSKB and uploaded and sent to the authorised committee member/s to approve and sign off for payment. This fast and efficient process has been receiving really good feedback from our committee members particularly in regards to how it is simplifying daily tasks/processes. It is also providing a higher level of transparency than could be achieved in a paper based system.

StrataStats is another example of an innovative idea that’s been helping to make a difference over the last year. This great, FREE service is the first of its kind where you can find out how your strata costs compare to similar schemes. It produces two valuable reports that can help you identify where money can be saved in your scheme. If you haven’t tried it for yourself yet then head to and give it a go.

Perhaps our greatest innovation to date at SSKB was the introduction of Living in Strata. This free online portal has been helping to ‘make strata simple’ now for three years and is constantly evolving to better suit the needs of our clients and anyone interested in learning about strata.

The push to get information online has been a really important part of SSKB. We aim to meet our clients where ever it is convenient for them, and now more than ever, that means going online. By embracing the advantages that technology has to offer, we’re able to make strata living easier and more efficient than ever before.

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