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New Strata Laws Include Tenants – NSW

SSKB Strata managers advises NSW Owners Corporations to be familiar with legislative changes which now include tenant participation

New strata laws apply in New South Wales from 30 November. SSKB has reviewed these new laws and in response to enquiries from our clients, we address five of the major changes that will affect your community. If you have any further questions regarding these changes, please contact your SSKB strata manager.

Strata developments are made up of both lots owners and tenants. And to help foster a happy and engaged communities, New South Wales’ new strata laws give extended rights to tenants.

From Wednesday, 30 November, tenants will have a right to attend owners corporation meetings, no matter how many of the lots are tenanted in their scheme.

Tenants will not be able to vote at these meetings. The exception being is if they hold a proxy (giving them the voting rights on a lot owner’s behalf).

The owners corporation may vote to allow a tenant to speak on a particular matter. Tenants can be excluded from a meeting when financial matters are discussed.

If at least half the lots are tenanted, a tenant representative can be nominated as a non-voting member of the strata committee. The representative may still be excluded from meetings when financial issues are discussed, such as the collective sale or renewal process.

If you would like to know more about this change and others which are coming from November 30, the Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2016 is available here.

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