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New Features for Owners using the Stratamax Portal

Some enhancements have been made to the Online Stratamax Portal including changes to the way committee members and lot owners log on.

From the 23rd June 2015 owners and committee members will be required to create “User Accounts” rather than using the existing method of using their IDs and password.

When logging onto the Portal after the 23rd June, owners and committee members will be requested to create a User Account by entering their Login ID and password and selecting “Upgrade”. They will then enter their email address (which will be used as their future login) and will be asked to create their own unique password.

Committee access to the portal and The Hub will automatically be granted if the email address of their User Account matches the email address recorded in the Office Bearers Record of the Body Corporate. If the email address does not match the body corporate records, committee members who are authorisers will be required to validate their details.

Click here for information on the committee validation process.

New owners will be provided with an ID number and reference number initially to log on and will then be required to create their user account.

Existing Login IDs will no longer be valid once the new User Account has been set up. This also means that SSKB will not have a record of your new User Account details in the event that you cannot remember them. There will however be an option to reset your password on the website, similar to how other websites deal with lost passwords.

Lot owners/committee members will have the ability to link multiple properties if they wish, or share their login with a co-owner and should refer to the website for further information on using these features.

The enhancements to the online portal have been made to improve the security of your property and online information as well as improving the log in access via an email address and password rather than remembering 8 digit ID numbers.  The ability to reset passwords has been enabled on the portal with the introduction of email address as the log on information.

Tutorials are available when logging on to the website to guide users through the process.

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