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New BCCM legislation – What Has Changed for Your Committee?

New BCCM Legislation What has changed for your committee

New BCCM legislation – What Has Changed for Your Committee?

On 1 March 2021, new Body Corporate and Community Management (BCCM) Regulation Modules came into effect in Queensland. Many of these changes will impact your Committee.

The new regulations relate primarily to recommendations made by the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) about Body Corporate procedural issues and have been made to modernise Body Corporate procedures, reduce Body Corporate costs and enhance protection for unit owners. 

To assist our clients, we have summarised some of the key changes that may affect your community. 

Below are some changes to legislation that will affect Body Corporate Committees: 

  • Owner Motion Decisions: Committees are now required to make a decision on owner motions submitted within a 6-week period of receiving the motion. Minutes must also be provided for these decisions.
  • Committee Member must be Financial: A committee member will not be authorised to vote at a committee meeting or by VOC if they or the entity who nominated them owe a Body Corporate debt at the time of the vote.
  • Multiple Committee Nominations: Co-owners who own multiple lots in a scheme can now nominate for multiple committee positions. This is based on the number of lots they own.
  • Committee to Approve Insurance: If the cost of the insurance policy is above the major spending limit for the scheme, the committee will need to obtain 2 insurance quotes before the committee can approve the insurance premium.
  • Committee Spending Limit: If it is not a restricted issue, the committee will be able to spend above the limit for committee spending to renew or put in place an insurance policy. 

If you would like more information on the amendments, click on the links below: 

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