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NBN Co Strata Register

NBN Co Strata Register

Strata Community Australia (SCA) and the NBN Co have made an alliance in order to make it easier for the network builder to get building access to multi-dwelling units (MDU) for the roll out of the National Broadband Network.

The alliance will see the creation of a register enabling NBN Co to contact the managers of owners corporations and bodies corporate.

The NBN Co strata register will ensure that no multi-dwelling units miss out on NBN cabling in the case that no one could be contacted to assist with building access.

“Making contact with owners corporations/bodies corporate can be challenging because there is no publicly available register or listing of office bearers, committee members or authorised representatives such as strata managers,” the SCA said.

“Also, these positions do turn over regularly and NBN Co needs to be talking to the right people at the right time.”

“This is all about facilitating access to sites by proactively contacting owners’ corporations/bodies corporate and authorised representatives ahead of the construction program,” said an NBN Co Strata Register spokesperson.

SCA expect NBN Co or its contractors to consult the register once an area is approved for fibre rollout (though it noted that being on the list isn’t required to get an NBN connection).

What SCA hoped to avoid was a situation where an MDU was skipped for being un-contactable, and then faced the prospect of having to pay NBN Co to come back and make the final connections and in-building cabling.

To find out more about the NBN Co strata register click here.

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