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More Time for NSW Pool Owners to Get Compliant


Are you one of the lucky lot owners in NSW who owns a unit in a complex with pool? If so, you probably use this detail to distinguish your property from others in the leasing market, or to make it more attractive when you wish to sell it. But this fact that helps your unit stand apart also exposes you to more legislative compliance requirements.

The NSW government introduced the Swimming Pools (Amendment) Act in 2012 which required all properties with a pool to have a certificate of compliance from their local council before they can sell or lease their property. The deadline for this was 29 April 2015.

Fair Trading NSW has advised this has been extended until the 29 April 2016.

Owners corporations must ensure their swimming pool is registered with their local Council and that they have a compliance inspection completed and Certificate issued prior to the 29 April 2016. Once the Compliance Certificate is issued, it should be kept on the Owners Corporation records, and should be renewed every three years.

This extension gives owners corporations more time to ensure their legislative requirements are met; however, owners corporations should not become complacent. Without a doubt when the deadline draws near next year, inspectors and councils will be overrun with requests, resulting in delays.

Owners corporations should be proactive and meet their requirements early to ensure lot owners who wish to sell or lease their lots next year are not unnecessarily inconvenienced by ongoing compliance issues.

This is an important detail regarding legislative compliance that should not be swept under the rug. If you are unsure if your owners corporation has a Compliance Certificate, or are unsure how to go about getting your pool inspected and certified – contact SSKB, and we’ll look after all the details for you.


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