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Maximising the Value of Your Strata Asset

At SSKB, we are all about maximising the value of your strata assets in a positive way, hence we are constantly on the lookout for ways to ensure you receive additional value from your strata property.

We are approached regularly with new ideas, and most of them don’t pass the standards we require for our clients.

One innovation we have come across, which we want you to know about and consider is 3rd Home.

We have negotiated for SSKB clients and members to receive 3rd Home membership for free for the first two years, valued at $495.

3rd Home is a club, or a members-only home exchange program, that enables property owners to receive extra benefits from the value of their own holiday home by using unoccupied time to travel to different destinations without the hassle or high cost of renting.


While the concept of property exchange isn’t new in itself, house swapping has been around for years. However, the introduction of 3rd Home means that the concept is no longer just for backpackers and grey nomads looking for extended stays in primary residences.

A members-only club, 3rd Home is open exclusively to those who own a second home in desirable locations with quality furnishings, appointments and amenities.

By depositing available weeks in a holiday home into the club system, members earn ‘Keys’ relative to the value of the property that can be immediately used to stay at a whole host of other premium properties in a huge variety of international holiday destinations.

The systems are well thought out, clear and fair, and the booking fee of $495 dollars to stay in a luxury property for a week represents terrific value for second home owners.

We believe this program is an ideal way to receive more from the intrinsic value of your second home, by using leisure time to stay at worldwide luxury locations at an affordable price.

The free 3rd Home Membership will not suit everyone, but to those with appropriate qualifying property it is an extra benefit of being an SSKB and Living In Strata client. It is just one of the many ways we maximise value for you.

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