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Make A Clean Sweep This Spring

Spring cleaning may not sound like the world’s most enjoyable task but it doesn’t have to be daunting – or laden with chemicals.

Since space is always limited in units, a spring clean is the perfect excuse to review everything worn, damaged, or simply unwanted.

You may not want to go down the complete Konmari route and embrace your inner minimalist, but the concept of critically evaluating what you own and how it fits in your life is a valuable exercise.

In addition, the Konmari folding method is also a helpful way to maximise wardrobe space too.

Once you’ve cleared the clutter from each room (and the storage locker), it’s time to get to the hard work.

Professional cleaners insist on cleaning in the following order:

  1. Dust
  2. Sweep/vacuum
  3. Mop

And those who favour non-toxic alternative for conventional cleaning products swear by vinegar, bi-carb and a selection of microfiber sponges and cloths.

Baking soda/bicarb makes a gentle all-purpose cleaner and is also an effective deodorizer.

Vinegar is also incredibly versatile, and while most people immediately think white vinegar, you might be surprised to know apple cider vinegar is also a useful cleaning product.  The list of vinegar’s cleaning power is comprehensive, from creating streak and fog-free mirrors, a cheap fragrance-free fabric softener, to degreasing kitchens and cleaning stainless steel.

And when used together, vinegar and bi-carb is a cleaning powerhouse which can be used to remove limescale, the black marks that seem to accumulate on the back of frypans and saucepans and even clean the silver.

Microfibre cloths and sponges are all the rage and make promises of effortless cleaning – just add water. And they work! If you ever wanted to know how they work, why they work and what they’re made of, then we have the answers for your here.

That takes care of the tools, but what about the motivation?

Spending a week doing a thorough spring clean of every nook and cranny is probably the most effective way to start with the benefit of knowing that keeping everything spic and span afterwards, will take just minutes.

If time is an issue, dedicating just 30 minutes a day to tackling one task will eventually get the job done too.

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