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Jim Enjoys Room With A View

SSKB talks to Jim Edwards RUM at Park Edge Views

Park Edge Views, located in the master-planned Springfield development is a little slice of heaven on earth – certainly Jim Edwards thinks so.

This is a ‘tree change’ opportunity for Jim who is the resident manager on the brand new 80 lot townhouse development, which he looks after with his wife Kim.

Each of the two storey townhouses features three sizable bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and single remote control garage with plenty of space for a second car in the driveway. All townhouses have quality fittings, air-conditioned living area and main bedrooms and ceiling fans throughout.

“I’ve been a property manager for many years,” he said. “This has been my fifth assignment.

“It’s lovely here and very tranquil compared to some other properties I’ve managed over the years and, because it’s new, there is not a lot of work required.”

The day for Jim starts around about 8am.

“I check email that has come in overnight. Usually they are requests by owners, some are invoices to be paid. After that I do my rounds and then work on systems and procedures,” he said. “For instance, Park Edge Views is now a year old, so we are going through each property to test and maintain the smoke detectors.”

How does Jim enjoy working with his wife?

“It’s great, she works upstairs, I work down stairs!” he jokes.

“Kim and I enjoy working together. I know a lot of married couples can’t, but it comes down to respecting the work the other does. In my case, Kim gives me all the difficult jobs.”

In addition to managing Park Edge Views, Jim spends his day putting together procedures and manuals to train people to look after other properties he has the management rights for.

“Being organized is the key to successfully managing a property – and often it’s not the maintenance or repair to the property which is difficult, it can be the people.

For instance, at one property, a lady wrote a letter to the committee complaining that an empty Coke can had been left in common property for days. The chairman quite rightly wrote back and said ‘well, why didn’t you pick it up’.”

Jim has no such worries with the owners of Park Edge Views.

“We have two owners who come up every three months or so and they walk around with me to take a look around,” he said. “It is good to have a fresh set of eyes looking at the place.”

Park Edge Views is unique because it doesn’t have a body corporate committee. Instead SSKB Community Manager Jamie Tippet, takes care of all the strata responsibilities.

“Park Edge Views doesn’t have a committee. That side of it is being looked after SSKB and as far as I’m concerned it’s working really well. Jamie is great, we love Jamie.”

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