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It’s Christmas Time In The City*

Christmas Time in The City

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

But before you ‘jingle all the way’ with the Christmas spirit, there are a few things to bear in mind before you deck the halls.

You’ll need to check with your Body Corporate or Owners Corporation before you start bringing out the holly and the ivy, because the halls outside your lot are common property and, in most cases, so too are the decks.

Just about every community has a by-law or rule regarding what can and cannot be placed on common property and balconies.

Some even have a rule or by-law over what kind of decorations are permitted during the festive season and the length of time they can be left out. Usually it is longer than the twelve days of Christmas, and most stipulate set dates, such as between 1 December and 31 December.

Australia is highly unlikely to experience a white Christmas, but the season is known for summer storms.

So, if you’ve been granted permission to set up those Christmas lights, make sure any permitted decorations are in good condition and that those outside, are securely fixed to prevent a hazard.

There no Christmas like a home Christmas and decorating your place for the season might require a rethink – especially if your cry is ‘O Christmas tree’! because the traditional types are too large for a modern apartment.

If you’re thinking ‘all I want for Christmas are smart stylish objects that bring some joy to the world’, then we have you covered with a selection of some of our favourite decorations that are perfectly sized for apartments.


Who needs a big tree?
A grouping of these cute burlap-based trees from Target would be perfect on a side table.
If space is at a premium, then deck the walls instead.
This wall hanging is from Target.
A traditional wreath never goes out of style. This one is from Ikea.
Practical and festive: there’s no need for extra decoration when you have a lovely pastry box like this one from Villeroy Boch. Some traditions are worth keeping such as this Villeroy Boch Christmas Toys Memory Tree Advent Calendar Better Homes & Gardens shows you how to make a Christmas Wall Tree that will keep your floors clutter-free.


So, have yourselves a merry little Christmas and a happy holiday from all the team here at SSKB.

SSKB is Australia’s leading strata management company specialising delivering expert advice and management to Owners Corporation and Body Corporate communities.

*Have you found all the Christmas song references in this article? There are 14.

  1. It’s Christmas Time In The City
  2. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
  3. Jingle Bells (Jingle all the way)
  4. Deck The Halls
  5. The Holly and The Ivy
  6. Twelve Days of Christmas
  7. White Christmas
  8. Christmas Lights
  9. There No Christmas Like A Home Christmas
  10. O Christmas Tree
  11. All I Want For Christmas
  12. Joy To The World
  13. So, Have Yourselves A Merry Little Christmas
  14. Happy Holiday

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