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Insurance cover for your body corporate – flood crisis

If you have been affected by the recent flood crisis, we suggest you firstly contact your Community Manager who can provide you with contact details of your insurance agent who will clarify your insurance status.

Alternatively, please click here to download an insurance claim form. 

Insurance Aid General Brokers (IAGB) have given the following advice regarding insurance cover in this instance:

Given the terrible weather conditions throughout Queensland we would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to those people and families who have lost their possessions and in some cases their lives throughout this terrible time.

For those bodies corporate that have been affected, please find below information regarding coverage for your Body Corporate under your Strata Insurance Policy:

  • Water damage is covered by the policy i.e. water inundation caused by rainwater, pipes etc excluding flood.

Generally under most policies the Definition of Flood is:

When water from a river, creek, lake, swap, watercourse, reservoir, dam or navigable canal (whether they are in their original state or have been modified) overflows onto normally dry land.


  • that cannot run off into a river, creek, lake, swap, watercourse, reservoir, dam or canal because it is overflowing in flood


  • that mixes with the floodwater coming from the river, creek, lake, swap, watercourse, reservoir, dam or canal are considered to be water coming from a flood.

We suggest should the Body Corporate have suffered any damage from the weather conditions throughout Queensland, they lodge a claim. The insurer will then assess each claim on its own merits.

To help with the claims process, please have the Body Corporate:

  • Take photos of the damage to property
  • Record model numbers for electrical equipment – please keep goods
  • Take a sample of damaged carpet or floor covering prior to disposing of it.

Should you have any further questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our office.


Sharon Butters, Account Executive

Insurance Aid General Brokers

Phone: 07 3630 1823








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