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Ideas For Going Green

Energy efficiency is possible in strata communities. SSKB looks at some of the options.

It can be easy going green, and the long term benefits could include financial savings as well as ecological ones.

Encouraging green planting in and around buildings – especially creating green shade on balconies that receive a blast of western sun – can reduce the temperature by up to 6°C and make all the difference about whether or not to switch on the air-conditioning.

This month we’ll be looking at energy efficiency.

Think global, start local

You can make a point of different straight away by looking at your own lot and consider the energy and water saving options including:

  • Switching to LED efficient bulbs in your lot
  • Installing flow regulators in taps
  • Purchasing energy efficient appliances
  • Fitting thermal efficient blinds or curtains
  • Adding ceiling fans to maximise cooling and heating efficiency

Community Action

One of the benefits of being part of a strata community is the opportunity to make improvements that will benefit the whole community.

Bulk utilities supply – It might be worth asking the body corporate/owner’s corporation to consider whether bulk utilities supply and energy on-selling is right for your community. There can be many benefits to on selling. Electricity on-selling can offer significant cost savings for both residents and the body corporate. Other utility services can be administered on a user pays system, which is typically a fairer and more equitable manner of charging for these services.

LED lighting and occupancy sensors – LED lights may have a more expensive on-cost, but they offer significant savings with the additional benefit of enhancing aesthetics and community safety.  An occupancy sensor is a lighting control device that detects occupancy of a space by people and turns the lights on or off automatically, using infrared, ultrasonic or microwave technology.

Passive clothes drying – Using clothes dryers is expensive. Depending on your community’s particular circumstances, and subject to relevant by-laws, there may be the opportunity to offer a community clothes line or permit individual units to have clothes lines.

Electricity generation – Again, depending on circumstances, your community may be in a position to retro fit solar panels with a view to becoming energy self-sufficient.

Has your community made the move to energy efficiency? We’d love to hear from you and share your story here. Do contact your SSKB Community Manager.

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