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How To Keep Your Committee Fresh

SSKB looks at ways to support body corporate/owners corporation committee members

It’s a problem which besets just about every type of committee – the need for fresh blood versus the same old faces who always volunteer to remain on a committee.

So, what can you do if you feel your community would benefit from fresh faces?

First of all, identify the need.

Is your body corporate/owners corporation committee working well? If so, you may be reluctant to recommend changes, but be aware, even the most dedicated committee members can suffer from volunteer fatigue.

Volunteer fatigue usually comes when an organization relies on the same few people putting up their hands to stand in the executive roles as a result of apathy by other lot owners.

Getting new blood onto the committee could be as simple as asking.

Let lot owners know they are eligible to stand on the committee – and reassure them that they won’t be thrown into the deep end. Point out that with the support of the community manager, a committee role is actually very manageable and is a wonderful way to be involved in the running of their community.

What can you do if you have a great committee members who are struggling under the responsibility of their office?

  • Encourage the executive committee to introduce a sub-committee and delegate some of the duties to others who may be willing to lend a hand without the commitment of a full committee role
  • Speak to your strata manager. There may be some responsibilities that they will be happy to take on the committee’s behalf
  • Identify people who can bring value to the committee and who could be willing to accept an executive committee role down the track

What can you do if the committee is not working harmoniously or efficiently?

Identify the issue, not the personalities. It is easy to focus on one recalcitrant committee member.

Ask the question, what does the property need that it is not currently getting? Focus on the results you would like to see and articulate how they would benefit the community as a whole.

For information on how to do that, take a look at this article from our sister company, Star BMS.


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