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How to Join an Owners Corporation Committee – New South Wales

How to Join an Owners Corporation Committee – New South Wales

The Owners Corporation Committee is responsible for making decisions on behalf of the Owners Corporation and putting lawful decisions of the Owners Corporation into effect.

You are eligible to nominate to join your Strata Committee if you’re: 

  • An owner in the scheme 
  • A company nominee of a corporation that is an owner 
  • A person who is not an owner but is nominated by an owner who is not standing for election  

The Owners Corporation can decide on the number of Strata Committee Members (between 1-9) for the upcoming year at each AGM. The positions of the Committee are decided once the strata committee is elected. These positions include Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.  

Roles in a Body Corporate graphic

Vacancies on the Committee 

If a vacancy opens up on the Committee, the Owners Corporation can appoint a person to fill the spot until the next AGM. 

Co-owners can only be nominated by: 

  • An owner who is not a co-owner of that lot, or 
  • A co-owner who is not a candidate for the election 

How do I nominate for my Committee?

To nominate, simply complete the form received in the request for nominations notice and return this to SSKB before the end of your Owners Corporation financial year. To complete this form, provide your details as a nominator, details of the individual you are nominating, and the position you are nominating for.

It is important for lot owners to consider nominating for Committee positions and equally to participate in the election process.  


SSKB understands the importance of working closely with Committees to make a positive difference in your Strata Community, click here to contact us today 

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