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How To Get The Most People To Your AGM

SSKB shares ways to help get people to your body corporate or owners corporation AGM

One of the challenges for hard working committees is to encourage as many lot owners as possible to participate in the AGM.

The AGM canvasses some of the most important issues in that community for the next 12 months, including the committee make up, the budget and levy/fees, as well as signing off on significant maintenance, repairs or improvement.

So it can be a surprise to discover that a large number of lot owners miss out on this once a year important event.

However, with a little pre-planning by the committee (and working in conjunction with your Community Manager) you can help maximise the number of attendees at the meeting.

First of all know your owners.

Are they residents? Local investors? Overseas investors? This will dictate the timing of the meeting and possibly how the meeting is handled.

Then, pick your time and location. For small communities with just a few lots, an AGM around the barbecue and pool area on a Wednesday afternoon might be perfect.

SSKB offices have meeting facilities with internet and teleconferencing access which allows owners to participate even if they cannot be there in person. However, if you are expecting a large number of owners, a conference room may need to be organised and booked.

Most importantly, get organised. Have agendas and budgets prepared in advance and work with your Community Manager to run a brisk and efficient meeting.

Here is a handy checklist to help ensure your committee is prepared for the AGM:

  1. Review the minutes from the previous year’s meeting and ensure you have any reports which need to be tabled at this AGM
  2. Ensure you have the latest financial statements and the proposed budget for the next 12 months
  3. Prepare an agenda by identifying all the motions which need to be voted on
  4. Help your fellow owners to understand the issues by preparing a covering letter with the notice to attend the AGM with the background to the agenda items to be voted on.

Prepare the notice for the AGM that includes the date, time and location of the meeting.

The notice must also include:

  • The agenda
  • The text of any special resolutions to be decided
  • The financial statements
  • The minutes of the previous AGM
  • Any reports or new business which needs to be considered
  • A reminder that lot owners have the right to appoint a proxy

With all of this in place, you AGM should run smoothly and with as many owners involved as possible.

And if few people show up? Don’t worry. In the absence of any major issues, it likely means that your committee is doing a great job.

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