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How SSKB Can Help With Difficult Tenants

By Kathleen Coe

Difficult tenants can cause a lot of unwanted grief and also be a costly issue for owners and investors if you are not weary.

Although we are able to manage and control most unruly behaviour through the body corporate by-laws, residents and other owners need to have a good understanding of how to communicate and liaise with their community manager to solve any issues before it escalates into something bigger.

All tenancy agreements will require the tenant to abide by the body corporate by-laws and any breach of the body corporate by-laws is also in breach of the tenancy agreement. However, you must ensure that you provide a copy of the by-laws to the tenant when they sign the contract.

Evicting a difficult tenant is not as easy as just issuing a Form 11 to inform the involved party there is a problem or dispute and asks for the situation to be fixed within a certain timeframe.

We encourage any breach of the by-laws are reported immediately to your community manager so that we may proceed with taking action. Having everything properly documented by your community manager may be of great help if and when you wish to evict the troublesome tenant.

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