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How Are You Utilising Your Balcony Space?

How Are You Utilising Your Balcony Space

Balconies are one of the biggest selling points for many apartments. If you are lucky enough to live on a higher-level apartment you can have great views and those apartments further down often have bigger spaces for you to play with. 

At SSKB, we have put together some tips and tricks to maximise your balcony space.  

Before attempting to change the appearance of your balcony or make any modifications it is important to be aware of any by-laws in your scheme. Every scheme is different so feel free to reach out to your Community Manager if you are unsure. 

 Built in seating  
The first tip we have is to maximise your space. You can achieve this by adding a built-in bench or built-in seating. Another benefit of this is that you won’t have to worry about your chairs being knocked over with the harsh summer storms we have in Australia.  
An alternative to this is to buy seating that fits the space and can be pushed up against the wall to maximise the floor area. 

Take advantage of wall space  
When you have a small floor space, taking advantage of the wall surface area is often overlooked. By utilising this space, you can transform the area. Adding shelves for plants, hanging lights or creating a hanging flower wall or grass feature wall can transform your inner-city abode to a nature retreat. 
Many people think living in an apartment means you must make sacrifices when it comes to having a garden. This is not true! There are many great products on the market which mean you can have the benefits of apartment living and the garden you’ve always wanted with less work. A recent discovery some of our SSKB staff have jumped onboard with is a Vegepod. You can now get them on wheels which means you can move your Vegepod with the sun to make sure your vegetables are thriving!  
It is also important to consider others when cleaning and watering plants, etc. No one wants to be underneath a balcony that has water spraying them on a Sunday morning! 
Breakfast bar 
The selling point for many strata properties are the great views seen from the balcony. To take advantage of the views while also being efficient with the space, building a breakfast bar to transform your railing is a great idea.   
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