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Happy Easter!

SSKB wishes all our valued clients a Happy Easter!

With the Easter and Anzac Day public holidays in close proximity this year, many people are taking an extended break to go on holiday.

Unfortunately, it is well known that most break-ins occur when people are away on holidays.

Living in a small strata scheme or body corporate can work to your advantage if you’re going away on holidays. With units in close proximity and neighbours who know each other well, strangers acting suspiciously will stand out.

However, if you live in a large residential scheme, such as a multi-level unit block with changing tenants, it could be easy for would-be robbers to slip through the unnoticed.

Here are some tips to keep your apartment safe over the Easter break.

    • Give the impression that someone is home by putting timers on radios, televisions and lights.
    • Cancel newspaper or mail deliveries for the time that you are away, or get someone to collect them for you.  It is too easy for burglars to look at a strata scheme letter box, see that one is stuffed full of uncollected mail, and go scope out the correspondingly-numbered unit.
    • If your unit has a courtyard, make sure you don’t leave anything important there. Courtyard fences can be easy to scale and your tools, BBQ utensils or push bikes could go missing.
    • If you’re lucky enough to have a small lawn or some gardens in your courtyard, make sure they are looked after. Overgrown lawns or gardens beds, or even dead pot plants, can be a giveaway that no one has been home for a while.
    • In ground floor or lower level units, ensure windows and patio doors are locked and cannot be forced open from the outside.
    • Are you advertising all your brand new electronics through the lounge room window? Ensure your laptop, brand new television and other valuables aren’t obvious to someone outside.
    • Invite a relative or friend to come stay in your unit while you’re away – it can be a getaway for them too!

Most importantly, get to know your neighbours and alert them to when you will be away. Knowing who lives close by means strangers will stick out, and neighbours will keep a casual eye out for your unit if they know you’re not there. You can return the favour when they go on holiday!

Happy Easter from SSKB Strata Managers

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