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Green Strata

Australia is fortunate enough to have a rich cultural and natural heritage and plentiful resources to support economic prosperity. However, the future holds many challenges which must be faced in order to continue to prosper. Sustainability, particularly within the realm of strata developments is an issue of great importance.

So long as urbanisation continues to grow, we can expect a sustained growth in the number of strata titled properties in Australia well into the future. With this in mind, it is essential that sustainability, or ‘green strata’, be considered within strata communities.

There are many things communities can achieve by ‘thinking green’ and all efforts will help to make for a more sustainable country. If your body corporate or owners corporation would like to get involved in a more sustainable community, they could look at reviewing your bylaws and consider how they can help residents. For example, you could pass bylaws to allow washing to be dried on balconies or have fixtures for vertical gardens on balcony walls.

Lot owners themselves can get involved and there are many options to get you started, these can be as basic as communal composting, recycling efforts and solar power installation. Communities could try establishing “go green” working groups to address common property and in-apartment sustainability; set and work towards building targets for things such as energy and water consumption – keeping residents continually notified of how you’re progressing; reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill by making it easier for your residents to recycle including organic waste, E-waste, chemical waste, batteries, printer cartridges, mobile phones, compact fluorescent globes and unwanted household items.

If you’d like to begin ‘thinking green’ and for more information on creating a more sustainable strata community please contact your SSKB Community Manager.

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