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Good Morning, Sunshine!

SSKB looks at why morning meetings are best

Meetings are an important and inevitable part of body corporate life. Each body corporate/owners corporation will have one AGM, possibly an EGM, and a number of committee meetings throughout the year.

Strata managers and committee members alike want these meetings to be efficient and worthwhile.

Though many lot owners and committee members are heavily invested in their body corporate and are prepared to devote considerable time to these meetings, we understand that for most people, body corporate meetings are a distant second or third to work, families, personal interests and hobbies.

For this reason, effective and successful meetings which don’t drag to all hours of the night are the goal. For this reason, in our standard agreement, meetings are meant to be held between business hours on business days. You can insert special conditions to have meetings after hours, but this is usually at an extra cost, unless negotiated.

Though we understand most people work, and cannot always take time off for a body corporate meeting, in the interests of being efficient, committees should consider having morning meetings.

The timing of a meeting can have an impact on how successful your meeting is.

Many experts and statistics on the success of business meetings show that morning meetings are believed to have more positive outcomes than those later in the day, and attendees’ concentration and attention is better at that time.

We all know how bad the 3 o’clock slump can hit – even noodle/soup companies make successful ads cashing in on it.

It’s easy after lunch to lose any enthusiasm for tasks that require concentration, and most people’s eyes will stray to their clock or watch, waiting for home time.

People tend to be much more alert after they’ve had a good night’s sleep, a good breakfast and a great cup of coffee, so not only are people more likely to pay attention, but they are likely to be more enthusiastic about what is being discussed.

Instead of discussions going round and round because people are tired or not paying attention, meetings in the morning are more likely to be focused, and keen to take action steps to get things done.

Body corporate/owners corporation meetings in the middle of the day or the afternoon can be hard to devote your attention to, as you may be thinking about phone calls or emails from that morning, or other tasks you have to get back to.

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