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Going Online

By Tim Sheehan, SSKB Director

I rarely get to the movies to see a flick for adults – and I mean “adult flick” in the context of something “not made for children”.  Thanks to my kids I do see plenty of Pixar movies, and plenty of action movies with animated princesses, super heroes, robots and spaceships.

One of the few adult movies I have seen at the cinema in the last 2 years is a film called “The Social Network” about the creation of Facebook.  It was a very interesting movie and the script was excellent.  It is based on a true story.

One aspect of the true story that resonated for me is that the creator of Facebook knew it was a good idea, but he couldn’t really articulate why it was such a fantastic idea, nor was he clear on how people would use the tool in the future.  He did very clearly know it would be a great tool and people would find ways for using Facebook which he did not dream about.  The rest is history.  Facebook is all pervasive and is a business with a massive value.  However, the uses for Facebook are still evolving.

Are you a believer in social media and the new technologies like Twitter and Facebook?  I am.  While Alice was sick, my wife and I used Twitter to keep our friends, family and colleagues updated about her progress.  It was such a convenient way for us to stay in touch in a non-intrusive manner.  This personal experience has made me confident the new technologies can be utilised by bodies corporate to make a positive difference in the lives of owners of strata titled property.  A little like the creator of Facebook, I am not sure exactly how, but at SSKB we are committed to experimenting until we find out.

At SSKB, making a positive difference in the lives of the lot owners is what we are about.  We try to make a difference in three ways:

  • Having the best people and giving them the best possible training
  • Providing our clients with superb service, and
  • Developing new products and services for lot owners and bodies corporate

I would like to give you some insight into what our talented team is doing with the new technologies to make a positive difference for our clients:

We are trialling a building by building Twitter feed to keep interested owners informed about their body corporate.  Regular updates like “Time to Pay the Levies”, and “Don’t forget to vote” will be tweeted along with other building specific events like “Committee resolves to paint your building”.

Strata Stats is our newest initiative.  It is a central repository of costs associated with running a body corporate.  It allows for people who wish to test their body corporate expenditure to submit their expenditure statement and see how the categories of expenditure compare with bodies corporate in similar locations, with similar physical characteristics.  It is an extremely useful tool to use real data.

Our biggest initiative is “Living In Strata”, which is bringing together lots of ideas, including:

  • Becoming a massive on-line central repository for information about community titled property.
  • The information is organic: contributors are welcome from everywhere.  If you read something on Living In Strata and know more about the topic, or think different, or know something related to Strata which is not on Living In Strata presently, post the information on the Living In Strata site and we will moderate it and include the information in Living In Strata for all users.
  • Providing a forum for people interested in Strata to discuss on-line the latest issues
  • The Strata Market – This is an on-line marketplace for all businesses wanting to supply services to strata schemes and for any person wanting to buy services related to strata property.  The services are not limited, except they must be relevant to community title and the people supplying the service must profess to have expertise in dealing with strata clients.

We hope you find these new services useful.  Your feedback is always welcome.


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Recent Comments


Dave Morrison On May 16, 2012 | Reply

Most of your articles relate to QLD were is we live in NSW.
As your contract is just about up for renewal maybe its time to get a company that understands NSW requirements.

    SSKB On May 17, 2012 | Reply

    David, thank you for your feedback.

    Yes, strata is a national issue and we are a national company. Our e-newsletter goes to all our clients – wherever they live and wherever their property is – QLD, VIC and NSW. We always attempt to provide informative articles that are relevant to all the areas. Sorry that we missed including a NSW article in this edition. We will definitely include one next time. We have recently uploaded articles that provide information across all our regions and these may be of interest to you.

    We are not perfect but we always try to improve, and will endeavour to spend more time focusing on providing NSW specific counsel.

Greg Wiles On May 16, 2012 | Reply

Perhaps if you are embracing technology you might consider putting the by-laws for individual strata plans online and free of charge. Charging $30 for a hard copy of by-laws that should be easily accessible to all owners simply seems like a gouge.

    SSKB On May 18, 2012 | Reply

    Thanks for your feedback.

    A large number of strata scheme bylaws are currently available for free online via the StrataMax Online Portal: https://www.stratamax.com.au/Portal/login.aspx. To access these documents you can find out your user name or password by contacting StrataMax http://www.stratamax.com.au/general/LostPasswords.aspx. We are also currently working towards ensuring all current bylaws for each strata scheme are available online as well.

    The fee only applies when requesting a hard copy due to the large number of schemes we manage, the lengthy time involved in retrieving specific information and the relevant printing and postage costs.

    I hope this information is helpful!

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