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Go Green

Whether or not you decide to weigh into the global warming debate, many of us would agree that we have a responsibility to keep the environment in mind so that our country remains resourceful, our beaches clean and our air fresh.

The idea of taking environmental action may, however, overwhelm you.  The good news is you can get involved and you don’t have to travel to the Amazon and chain yourself to a tree to do it. You can take action and make a difference from the comfort of your own living room.

Strata community residents use, on average, 25% more energy per person than those living in detached houses. This increased amount is due to extra energy use in common property areas such as pools, car parks and hallways.

Though strata communities use power to a larger degree than individual homes, they are in a unique position of being able to make changes on a larger scale. Investing in cost-effective energy solutions for the building is a simple step that owners corporations can take to reduce their carbon footprint.

And if the environmental argument isn’t winning you over, think of the money. An energy-smart apartment block can save your owners corporation up to 20-30% in energy costs!

Increased public awareness of sustainable living has sparked a series of admirable initiatives and organisations in recent times.  Did you know there is a national program promoting sustainable solutions in strata communities?

Smart Blocks

Smart Blocks is a national program designed to help strata communities convert to more energy efficient solutions in their community. Providing facts, case studies and roadmaps to energy efficiency, the Smart Blocks website is a great resource for any strata community interested in minimising their carbon footprint and increasing their money savings.

The program was designed alongside owners, strata managers and facilities managers to ensure the solutions were directed to meet the unique needs of residents in strata-titled apartment buildings.

Smart Blocks provides detailed information on how you can promote energy efficiency and save money by improving:

Lighting Fixtures

You could save as much as 80 per cent of the energy used by lighting on common property by adapting light bulbs or fittings.

Water Systems

Domestic hot water can account for more than 50 per cent of the energy used by common property in apartment buildings that have a central hot water system installed.

Pools and Amenities

Fine-tune the way your pumps and filters operate to prevent your pool from wasting energy and money.

Heating and Cooling

If your building has a central heating and cooling system then you could make significant energy savings.


Moving air around your building uses a lot of energy but there are some clear actions you can take to reduce the cost of pumping air around both your building and car park.

Good news for Melbournites

There has never been a better time for Melbourne Owners Corporations to replace existing energy consuming installations with new, cost-effective and energy efficient solutions.

As part of the Smart Blocks program Melbourne city council has launched a $3,000 rebate scheme to encourage strata communities to go green and invest in eco-friendly options.  The rebates are available to residential strata buildings in City of Melbourne to install solar electricity systems to power common areas and upgrade lighting to more efficient systems.

Learn more about the Smart Blocks initiative at www.smartblocks.com.au or email amy.brand@melbourne.vic.gov.au for information about the rebates.

But get in quick, as funds are limited.

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