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Gardens in Strata

Gardens in Strata

Spring is here! And with spring comes the perfect time to get on top of your gardening. If you are part of the 2 million Australians who live in an apartment, the responsibility to maintain the gardens in your common property falls on the Body Corporate. Well maintained gardens in strata not only improve the overall aesthetics of a building, but also improves property values. Maintenance programs can be introduced to manage the constant up-keep of the community.

Maintenance Programs

Maintenance programs can be implemented to ensure the constant up-keep of gardens in Strata are properly maintained. The program can include allowances for fertilizing, weed control, pruning, plant replacement and irrigation maintenance.

Common Property

One of the most compelling reasons that Australians decide to live in Strata properties is the use of the shared facilities. Who wouldn’t want to spend their weekends in the sun on a roof top pool mingling with the neighbours.

Depending on which Strata property you decide to invest in, the ‘garden’ aspect of your common property may include swimming pools, spas, lawns, saunas, flowerbeds, BBQ areas and more.

What can I change?

If you’re a keen gardener living in a Strata property, you may be scoping out the garden thinking it needs some work. The garden may also be shared by hundreds of other tenants, so redesigning the garden to your liking may not go down to well! Any changes made to common property requires approval from your Body Corporate.

If you are a keen to get your hands dirty, in some smaller schemes, Body Corporate members can volunteer their own services. Naturally, professional services will involve some costs, these and other financial matters must be considered by the Body Corporate at the annual general meeting.

Improve the value of your investment by ensuring your strata gardens are well maintained. To make the switch to a Strata company that will work with you to improve the value of your investment, click here to contact SSKB today.

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Ian Goodwin On September 20, 2019 | Reply

Interesting to read about the grounds and gardens maintenance – Quarterdecks Retreat falls way short of expectations and any attempt to have things done in an orderly and timely manner falls on very deaf ears and is a disgrace to the Committee and Maintenance Manager. Not to mention night lighting and irrigation systems which only partially work. The right OH&S Inspector would have a field day. We continually do not have a quorum at meetings year after year as people have lost interest totally, and have drawn the conclusion that The Committee is not reactive and proactive is a word unheard!
I became a Committee Member but have since resigned due to the continual disregard of suggestions and when approved taken months to instigate and in some cases changed along the way.
Complacency is the word of the day! People with the best intentions create the worst outcomes!!
New owners are treated with contempt – no welcome but left to their own devices and then chastised on minor infringements. Needs a very close inspection by a new set of SSKB eyes!!
With-out prejudice.

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