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Gardening in strata

Landscaped, well kept and well maintained gardens not only make strata communities more beautiful, but they can also have a large impact on property values. ‘Landscaped’ area encompasses everything from the gardens themselves to driveways and pathways and should be maintained at a high level to ensure they remain a prime asset. Maintenance programs can be instituted to manage the constant up-keep of the community.

For example, a maintenance program could include allowances for fertilizing, weed control, pruning, plant replacement and irrigation maintenance. These programs are a great idea and if planned well, only require very little effort to keep on top of.

In many cases, the by-laws for your strata scheme may require owners to ensure that the appearance of their lots is in keeping with the rest of the building. If this is the case, then failure to maintain the gardens may amount to a breach of that by-law. A notice to comply may be issued by the body corporate, the committee or the strata manager.

It is the responsibility of the body corporate to maintain common property. As common property may include all aspects of the gardening and grounds such as lawns, access roadways and swimming pools, the body corporate can engage the services of professionals such as gardeners and pool cleaners to carry out maintenance. In some smaller schemes, body corporate members volunteer their own services. Naturally, professional services will involve some costs, and these and other financial matters must be considered by the body corporate at the annual general meeting.


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