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Energy Efficiency: A new model for existing strata-title buildings

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and VDM Consulting are pioneering a study that seeks to identify ‘best practice’ energy efficiency measures. 

This study is of significant interest to strata title and building owners, as well as to developers as it outlines effective, and energy efficient retrofit solutions to existing buildings.

 From a developer’s point of view, these are commercially viable retrofitting options that can be easily achieved; even before considering the issue of carbon tax.  

Insight from this research has provided key energy consuming building technology ranging from basic utility sub-metering through to integrated renewable energy systems. The following hierarchy represents a value stream mapping (VSM) system which demonstrates the inter-dependence between each of the individual energy efficient technologies. 

Commercial Building Energy Efficiency Investment Pyramid (help maximise ROI) 

Strata Energy-Efficiency


 Reference: Urban Developer magazine, Current Issues, pp. 20-21

For other energy efficiency ratings go to for further information.

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