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Drones and Strata

Drones and Strata

From delivering pizza to taking photos, drones have been a hot topic in the media over the past few years, but what you might not have considered is how drones will affect strata communities.

Drones are becoming increasingly popular as they become more affordable and readily available with an estimated one million drones being used in Australia.

When it comes to many high-rise strata buildings, many drone users take advantage of the extra height and views they can get from their rooftop. However, it is important to ensure the use of drones in your building comply with regulations and by-laws.

So, what are the risks and opportunities when it comes to drones and Strata?

Local Government Regulation of Drones

The operation of drones can cause concern for many councils.

Despite uncertainty over how enforceable council by-laws are alongside aviation regulations, numerous councils implement rules on the launch of drones from land that is under council control.

In conjunction with any rules or by-laws regarding drones, a number of councils also require drone operators to obtain permits before launching drones from council land. This ensures that operators:

  • Are compliant with civil aviation requirements;
  • Hold any insurances the council considers appropriate; and
  • Can be traced and contacted if any incidents do occur.  

Privacy concerns

There are many people who have privacy concerns regarding the use of drones. However, it is important to consider that technology has been used for a number of years where properties can be closely viewed such as Google Earth.

How can Drones Benefit the Strata Industry?

While we acknowledge that there are some concerns when it comes to the use of drones, they also have the possibility to benefit all properties of all sizes.

Technology has given us the tools to make things possible that previously would not have been. Drones have the ability to gain access for roof inspections and other tricky places that would normally be considered inaccessible.

While drones are not a new technology, using them to benefit strata properties is a new solution.

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