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Dramatic Increases in Electricity Charges & How to Fight It

Electricity charges are set to rise dramatically on the first of July this year, but Silver Asset Services are offering free advice to bodies corporate to help minimize the cost increase.

Silver Asset Services (SAS) can provide assistance with the implementation of bulk electricity supply for bodies corporate, and General Manager Ted Youngberg said people have to act swiftly in order to save.

“Electricity charges will rise by approximately 11 percent from 1 July this year, so SAS encourage bodies corporate to bulk bill their utilities now.

“SAS calculations show the increase is caused by rises approved by the QLD Competition Authority (about 7 percent) and the introduction of the carbon tax (about 3.5 percent),” Mr Youngberg added.

The SAS General Manager said network charges would increase as well.

“Network charges are applied by suppliers, and are shown as one of the additional costs on a bulk bill apart from actual usage.

“Ergon has notified a rise of 11.3 percent in their network charge, and Energex 15.7 percent.”

Bodies corporate are urged to review the rate which they are currently being charged for electricity and see if a more favourable rate can be found.

Silver Asset Services can work with bodies corporate to carry out the review, and seek a better rate if it is found to be available.

This service is at no cost to the Body Corporate.

Bodies corporate will need to take these increases into account if they are framing budgets for the financial year 2012/13, and bodies corporate who have a budget in place which spans this period will need to make necessary pro rata adjustments.

For more information and assistance contact enquiries@silverasset.com.au, or phone (07) 3010 5560.

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