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Work Health & Safety FREE Seminar Outrigger Twin Towns Resort
Tuesday 4th Sept 2012
5pm to 7pm

Making A Positive Difference In The Lives Of  Lot Owners

The Work Health & Safety Act 2011 continues to create controversy and confusion.

Since the advent of the Work Health & Safety Act 2011, it is more important than ever that compliance is met and contractors engaged by owners corporations & body corporates are licensed, insured and have safe work method statements. 

The implementation of the Act does not need to be seen as problematic.In fact, there is an opportunity to take advantage of the Act to implement best practice, getting processes and procedures in place for the benefit of occupiers, visitors and people working on your owners corporation or body corporate. 

Most people are unaware that building mangers, committee members and even regular owners can be held legally accountable under the new Act.

The best thing you can do is take the time to understand your responsibilities and take steps to minimise the risks to health and safety on your common property.

You’re Invited To Attend A FREE Seminar On ‘WH&S Act Explained!

In this afternoon session our industry experts will address aspects of all the important issues relating to:

  • Introduction to the legislation and liability
  • Communication & Due Diligence
  • Steps for Committees and Managers
  • Contractors
  • Involving Owners
  • How to stay informed
  • How Star BMS can help you

Limited seats available

To find out more about the WH&S Act click here to visit Star Building Management’s web site



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   Seminar Details
   Outrigger Twin Towns
   4th September 2012

   5 – 6pm Seminar
   6 – 7pm  Meet & Greet Drinks

Guest Speaker

   Oliver Shepherd
   General Manager


  Author of:-  3 Confusing Issues in   the Work Health & Safety Act



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  Chelsey Blount
  07 5504 2090




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