Complaints And Dispute Resolution

Complaints And Dispute Resolution

There are many ways to resolve conflicts, and the best way is through simple discussion, good will and common sense between the parties. In virtually all instances, most complaints can be resolved through direct discussion and negotiation.

If this approach is not an option, a process to resolve complaints is an important part of any relationships.

Step 1 How to make a complaint
If a member of the body corporate has a complaint, they can notify SSKB by email ( In most circumstances your complaint can be settled to your satisfaction by raising your complaint with our staff directly.

To lodge a formal complaint you will need to either advise us in writing or complete the form on the SSKB website. If a staff member is unable, by reason of authority or experience, to address the matter, it will be referred to a more senior or experienced person.

In the great majority of cases your complaint will be dealt with promptly and to your satisfaction and you should not need additional assistance.

Step 2 Recording your complaint
All complaints and disputes are recorded in our Complaints and Dispute Register.

When receiving a verbal complaint, the staff member will complete the details of the complaint in the Register on your behalf.

Step 3 Dispute notification
If a staff member cannot immediately resolve the complaint/dispute to your satisfaction, we will acknowledge receipt of the complaint to you in writing within 5 working days.

We will also advise you of the procedures we follow in investigating and handling your complaint/dispute.

Step 4 Dispute investigation
Your dispute will be fully investigated by the Complaints Officer and a decision made on the matter.

You can contact the Complaints Officer at

Step 5 How you will be informed of the outcome
In the majority of cases you will be advised of the outcome in writing within 21 working days.

Should there be exceptional circumstances causing a delay, we will advise you of the circumstances causing the delay and when we expect the matter to be resolved. It is our expectation that even in the most complex matters, a dispute should be resolved in a maximum of 45 working days.

Step 6 External Dispute Resolution
If, however, in spite of our best efforts you are not satisfied, we will advise what further action may be taken if the complainant is not happy with the resolution offered by SSKB.

If your dispute involves privacy issues and has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you will be referred to the Privacy Commissioner.

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