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Community Building Ideas

SSKB Strata Managers has some easy to follow advice for building strong strata communities

Many people living in an apartment property can go for years without knowing their neighbour’s names, let alone what they do or where they come from. Saying hello in the hallway is about as far as it gets for community minded interaction for many people. If you’re looking for ways to change this and build a sense of community in your scheme, there are plenty of events which can be organised around this time of year.

A good sense of community is critical to the day to day running of both small and large scale properties. This sense of community must be able to flow between all the different aspects of the community. This includes between lot owners, tenants, management, committees, the executive committee and other administrators. Being able to foster a sense of pride, belonging and wellbeing in such a community are crucial for creating a genuine communal environment. These things are all based on a level of understanding and tolerance between different sections of the community.

Management must work to bring residents along with them whenever changes or developments are necessary, which can be achieved by ensuring there is a sense of ownership in the process and involving the residents in an appropriate way. Sub-committees responsible for building community is one example, which can utilise members of the community to develop or implement a plan to foster that sense of community.

There are many ways of establishing a sense of community for apartment properties. A monthly community newsletter may be a useful and practical way of informing people as to what is going on in their community. The placing of a community noticeboard may be another way in which might improve the way in which your community may be able to share what is going on. A noticeboard in the foyer or lobby of your place can be a good way to advertise any upcoming community events, newsletters, or other things which are going on in the area which members of your community may be interested in attending.

Christmas is a great time of year to get yourself and your neighbours involved in some community minded events. Properties with a barbeque or a pool where such common facilities exist can be an excellent idea for an event (a community Christmas party!) or at a lot owner’s place if someone is generous enough to offer it up!

If you and your community are looking for ways to enhance their sense of community, talk to SSKB. Our team of experts can give you professional and detailed advice on the specifics of your scheme to ensure you get the best service and the best available outcome.

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jillian watt On December 15, 2016 | Reply

I am a private owner at Ramada Port Douglas, currently staying there till 1 Jan. I’d be happy to help organise a small celebratory event for residents and staff during the next couple of weeks. Not sure who to talk to at Ramada.
Although, since there is a poolside bar and restaurant, they’d probably prefer to have their own celebrations there.

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