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Communication with Strata Communities Crucial for National Broadband Network Rollout

NBNCo said communication with committee members and building managers in strata communities is absolutely crucial for the success of the National Broadband Network (NBN) rollout which will commence in 2012.

NBNCo Executive General Manager of New Developments, Archie Wilson, informed SSKB that they need to obtain consent from strata communities in order to perform the wiring within a building.

“Because we are dependent on consent from strata communities to inspect the building and do the cabling, we encourage committees to have more frequent meetings when they first receive notice of the rollout in their area,” Mr Wilson said.

“If the committees are swift in providing consent after receiving notice, NBNCo can come in to complete the work on schedule, which will be well in advance of the rest of the street.”

“That way, when the street fibre cabling is finalised, we can easily connect the building without issues.”

Furthermore, Mr Wilson said the workers would not need access to individual lots, as the work will be contained in common areas.

“All workers will always carry official NBNCo identification.”

SSKB advises their communities to table the correspondence from NBNCo, once received, at their next committee meeting, to ensure that they take advantage of the initial no cost option.

Your community manager will be able to help you with the legislative requirements around this matter.

Costs Covered by NBNCo with Consent

The costs of cabling will be covered by NBNCo if consent is given and the work is done on schedule. If a Strata Community refuses consent, they will be declared ‘frustrated’ and cannot be connected with the fibre cabling in the street.

If a ‘frustrated’ strata community later changes its mind after the street is completed, they will have to cover the costs for the work to be done.

Mr Wilson explained that once fibre cabling is finalised for the whole area, all services delivered on the old copper system will be cut off.

“A building without internal fibre cabling will have to get a wireless service themselves.”

Lot owners who already have a network connection device inside their lot can simply call their internet service provider (Telstra, Optus, Vodafone etc.) to activate their device when the fibre cabling is completed in their area and get instant access.

People who do not have a network connecting device need to contact their service provider to have this physically installed, as this is will not be NBNCo’s responsibility.

The installation can be done easily with the service provider setting up the device on the inside of the lot and then drilling a small hole in the wall to connect the two devices.


Mr Wilson said NBNCo are highly concerned they may not be able to get in contact with the strata communities.

“To avoid this we will do letterbox drops, inform through the media and host town hall meetings.”

“As a final resolution we will engage in door knocking to get a hold of the right people,” Mr Wilson assured.

NBNCo aim to engage communication with community managers 12 months before they commence rollout in an area.

“We believe in a consultation process where we communicate clearly, and in doing so can provide a detailed system design so we can show the strata communities how it will look and also display how the fibre will go through the building,” Mr Wilson said.

The NBN rollout is expected to take approximately 10 years and the fibre will likely pass 13 million premises when the rollout is complete.

The NBN rollout plan is published here.

For fact sheets about the NBN rollout, visit

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